Weird Nicotine Problem

Hi all,
I’m wondering if anyone can shed some light on this.
Basically I’ve tried loads of different 7.2mg nicotines from various places in the UK and most give me a really uncomfortable ‘heavy lung ache’ (for want of a better description) the next day - much like smoking far too much when I smoked.

It doesn’t happened with all nic, but when i’ve purchased a different batch from the same supplier it can be rough again, so its very hit and miss. I’ve also had nic thats from perfectly clear to bright pink, and although some has been really harsh, it doesn’t really follow that it will give me the feeling in my lungs or not.

Its not the harshness, I can deal with that, but something somewhere seems to disagree with me. Could it be an industrial thinner maybe? Or something else? I have tried both PG and VG based nic with the same result.

I do seem to have an intolerance to TPA’s Strawberry (ripe) and Juicy Peach which give me the same-ish symptoms, are there any common ingredients between those and Nic?

I always spend a day tooting any new nic I get in a 60/40 VG/PG unflavoured mix when I get it, but I never really know if its going to affect me or not until the next day. I’ve dropped to 3mg nic in juice - from 18 - which is a good thing, but it hasn’t really make much difference for this particular problem, I still get the same amount of lung ache however much i puff. Weird eh?

Strangely, I’ve never had any problems with any shop bought e-juice which makes me think its some sort of cheap chemical used it the processing somewhere.

I could list all the places I’ve bought from, but I’m in the UK so I don’t really want to name and shame in this era of TPD. Suffice to say, most places have been mentioned here and other forums (and highly recommended) so I think its me rather than everyone having bad nic.

Any help anyone can give would be most appreciated.

Edit: I’m not PG intolerant, I happily vape when the nic is OK


Oh boy that sound rough … Its really weird that commercial juices dont do the same thing simce we use what they use typically … Have you tried switching to Salt Nic ??? You can use that at 3mg just like freebase … Aside from that im stumped , how long have you been smoke free ? And vaping


Thanks for the reply. No, I haven’t tried nic salts - I think in the UK they are only sold at 20mg? I might be wrong on that, I’ve never really looked into them because I read they have a harsher hit than liquid so just dismissed it. (obviously, buying nic in the UK above 18mg isn’t allowed either, but there are plenty of places that sell it)

I’ve been vaping nearly a year, dual fuelled for about a week then kicked the ciggies completely. I’ve been using RDA/RTDAs about 2 weeks after that. Then started mixing my own juice around Easter last year. I’ll admit I haven’t vaped a lot of commercial juice TBH, when I did it was as I was quitting smoking, so it could have the same effect and I didn’t notice because it was wrapped up in the other side effects of going smoke free. But I did just buy a load of cheap juice from somewhere doing a 95% off sale and that went down a treat!

The fact I can use the same supplier and one batch will be fine and the next will set me off kind of makes me think its some sort of additive they use rather than the nic itself. Maybe a solvent or thinner. Its pretty annoying anyway!


Nic Salts are actually smoother thats what makes them pleasant. They do sell nic salts with a harder throat hit


Cheers I’ll have a look. They are still weaker and therefore much more expensive than 7.2 nic though.


Salts in 7.2 have the same laws as regular nic. Both technically not for sale to private users in uk.


Thanks for all the nic salt recommendations guy, I definitely look into them.

In other news, Pink Mule have moved and won’t be selling 7.2 nic at all anymore. :worried:


I remember finding that strawberry ripe bothered my lungs. I prefer chemnovatic nicotine although the only other one I tried is nude.
Good luck


yes, its that same sort of ache that i get with strawb ripe, but worse.
I wish I could find out what causes it, or even better, how to get rid of it. I’ve just mixed some juice up with some nic I know affects me and I’m going to leave the cap off overnight, maybe that will let whatever it is to dissipate.