Weird Problem?

For some of my tanks I use these coils.

Some that I got from a B&M are like this.

Most of the time I can’t tell them apart, and I usually vape between 20 and 30 watts in these tanks but from this second group I’ve had 2 out of about 6 now that feel really tight, like a MTL kind of coil. It gives me a head ache trying to suck and vape out of them. Is there a fix? Is it just a bad coil? Is it because they’re rated for up to 60 watts?

The ones you link to from FT are 20-35W - I know they also do 2ohm coils that are MTL - perhaps they’re those? It should be printed on the coils…

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The box says .5 but they say 30-60 watts, where the other ones say 20-35. I can find my magnifying glass and my granny glasses and try to see what the actual coil itself says. Maybe there was a mix up?

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They all say .5. :confused: Should I try to poke a few little holes in the cotton?

I would only try that if the juice was having a hard time getting to the coils - the draw being tight sounds like a slightly different problem… But give it a try and see :slight_smile:

@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit It sounds more like the airway is restricted, blocked or smaller in these coils.
Poking a hole in the cotton will not give you less restriction, what it might do is to flood the coil and make it useless all together.

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The coils from FT are horizontal coils (I think) and the other ones you bought are Vertical coils that looks like the only diff. I didn’t like the BVC coils they did seem light and yet if I turned them up they tasted hot and burned.


What does your mod read the coil at? Do you have a stand alone ohm meter?


Six of the ones currently in my tanks are the second variety, two of which are giving me this problem. The first variety has never ever given me this problem in over 6 months I’ve used them The reason I was trying to use up the second variety is because they’re rated for 30-60 and I usually stay around 20-30. The only reason I bought them was because I so rarely get to this B&M anymore but they’re good folks, I like to support them when I can. Since I don’t buy juice from them anymore and I was low on coils, I figured I should get a couple packs. At the shop I thought it was just updated packaging and I didn’t notice they had slightly different specs until I got home.

My thoughts on the cotton is wondering if a few of them might be wicked so tightly that the density of the cotton itself is what’s hindering the airflow. Anyway, as soon as I’m done with a few things around the house, I’ll get my whole tank stash lined up and check them all on the same mod to see what they read.

The holes are the same size in both varieties but the cotton in the second variety seems more dense and slower to absorb the drops when I’m priming them. Other than that, all but two so far are performing exactly like the first batch.

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if you have something you can stand the coils up in or punch a little hole in a piece of cardboard and poke the threads of the coil into it then with a dropper or a driptipped bottle put two or three drops on one of he coil tops and time how long it takes to be visible in the side holes if in 15 seconds you still can’t see it then add the same amount again and time again. Do the same to the other coil and commpare how much and how long it takes to soak through to the holes. If it’s taking a lot longer with one then the cotton is really tight and may be part of your problem. My wife uses the innokin coil once in a while and other than that it sits. I got it because when I started vaping the only tanks that I liked were Innokin but their subohms just aren’t as good IMHO. It usually takes 9 seconds for the juice to reach the holes on my maganus coils with three drops of juice. I have two maganus tanks they are the best in my opinion. Great flavor and clouds like you wouldln’t believe

Tesla 120 TC at 52 watts using a Maganus tank with a 0.2 ohm coil in it. max VG juice at 3mg nic.
OOPS I lied the last two are with my Smok XCube 2 at 55 watts same tank and juice.


Those are some glorious clouds! WOW! I’d loose a cat or two in that! :laughing: If I get the patience to try the timing test I will. It’s only these two coils so far and I only have 4 more from this batch. I’ll get my tanks in a row pretty soon to check their reading, lol. My concern is if the older ones are going to be phased out and these new ones are going to give me a 30% irritation rate. Then I’ll need a fix or I will change tanks. I like these tanks though so I’d rather not have to.

Get the 0.2 coils and just start at 15 or so and keep turning it up a little at a time till you feel comfortable. The .2’s seem to vape a wider range to me at least.

I buy the Inokin ISUB coils and the 20/35 watts are the standard and the 30 to 60 are the S/S coils and KAL BVC coil and the 30/70 the Clapton
I now use just the Standard .2 coils at 30 watts and you can re wick them

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I have the exact same one just did a build dual claptons 0.36 ohns

Sorry it took so long to get this done, lol.

1- .47 is a normal coil.
2- .49 is tight.
3- .48 normal
4- .48 tight
5- .49 normal
6- .48 normal

All of these are the higher wattage coils. I’m changing them all, using the lower wattage coils because I’ve used most of these for several tanks already. I have so many cream flavors to test and wanted to do this on fresh coils anyway. So, I’m not really sure if this info is helpful or if this is all a moot point. After poking around with these outside of the tanks, I think it’s an issue with the density of the cotton blocking air flow through the little side holes. Hopefully the last four won’t be horrid.