Weird smell of Passion fruit. But

Hello friends.
I just mix single flavor Passion Fruit (TFA) @8% 25mg nic/ml with 50/50 vg and pg, 4% of ws23 30% and 2% SS.

After well shaked, it creat harshness to throat, but after 10days of steeping, it become smooth and tasty.

On first day and 10th day, the smell of the mix is pure chemical like something, no Passion fruit fragrance.

Anyone face similar issue? Or is it only me? Or i am doing something wrong?
Plz guide.


I would suspect either your nicotine is bad or your PG/VG.
Plus, 4% ws-23 and 2% Super Sweet are too high and might be contributing to the overall nastiness.


I have already used same Nicotine in other mixes, with same vg pg. No issue like with Passing fruit (TFA) concentrate . May be its concentrate itself? Coz same smell came from concentrate bottle !
Don’t know mich about concentrate fragrance coz its my 1st purchase ever in DIY.
Btw, i bought from Chef’s flavor UK.


you have come to the right place. Usually, more people will comment and help. I recommend a title asking for help.
Anyway, try this and see if it helps.
Passion Fruit 3%
WS 23 at .5 to 1%
SS to taste. Personally, I don’t go above 1% but others like it really sweet and will go higher.

Also, 10 days may not be enough, it may get better as time goes on.


I think I read this differently than you guys, and all he needs to do is put the steep time in his recipe to remember. Starting at the top of his post, to me this is the ‘bottom line’

BUT he continues afterwards telling us in a non chronological manner

So I’m thinking this comment;
Different mixes need a different amount of time to come together before they’re ready to be vaped for you.


You’re right I think. Yes, that statement should work.

Different mixes need a different amount of time to come together before they’re ready to be vaped for you.


I never had Passion Fruit TPA so i can’t comment your mix, but here’s a general idea that might be useful for you: if newbie, if still uncertain weather vaping is right thing for you or if you just like simple single flavor mixes, then do yourself a favor and buy couple of high rated flavors that are great for solo vaping.

PF TPA is poorly rated and i can imagine it’s even worse as solo, so it’s a shame to torture yourself while there are many tasty Passion Fruits out there. Read some reviews before buying or ask here what others can recommend. Happy mixing and don’t be discouraged by some failed attempts.


Thanks for suggestions. I will ask to community for solo mixes suggestions… i like simple mix not complex mixing.


Huckleberry (VSO) is a fantastic single flavor

Inawera has quite a few good single flavors. I will name a few that I enjoy

Black Magic - is a currant flavor that really doesn’t need anything else
Be my honey
Blue Dwarf
Cake Emporer
Cult Cumber
Mango tango

I can’t keep enough of the Voodoo. I have a couple of friends that love it.

Good luck
:vulcan_salute: :v:


what’s the Voodoo like? oh and be my honey? I’m loving the honeycomb by Vape train. is it even better? not big on ssa honeycomb crumble type tho…its super potent. needs a good steep I think