Welcome to the new E-Liquid Recipes Forum!

In case you don’t have the name you want or expected, you can start by changing your username to what you want. You can do that from your preferences.

Full name and can be changed through the main ELR website’s “My profile”-page :slight_smile:

Ok, now for the introduction to this thing we now have!

Since I started e-liquid-recipes.com I have wanted have a forum to supplement the site.
I’ve simply been too busy with my normal work, and my work on e-liquid-recipes.com.

The day has come! We have ourselves a new forum, dedicated to all you awesome DIY-folks out there! We have the potential to become the biggest and best DIY-forum in existence, so let’s do it!

Most big vaper-forums have a DIY-section. Well this is a DIY-centric forum. This is our main thing!
That said, you can talk about other stuff, with like-minded DIY-people.

You might notice that this forum does not look like any of the forums that you’re used to seeing. And it’s because it’s not. The forum software, Discourse, is a next-generation forum. I know it looks a bit confusing at first, but I promise you, when you’ve played around with it a bit, you will see all the great things that this has to offer. and all the other forums will seem dated!

Oh, and if you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports - Don’t hesitate to contact me, either on the forum, or through ELR’s Feedback form that you have on “My page”.

Also check out the FAQ and the welcome PM you have received!

Let’s have fun here, and be kind to each other! :smile:

Happy vaping!


@daath You’re work on ELR alone has been amazing. The forum has put it over the top! Not quite sure how you have the time to do it all, but keep at it and thank you! I was lucky enough to find your site early on, and from that point onward, I have used it non-stop. Thanks for listening to our feedback and adapting ELR into what it is today, YOU ROCK!!!


:clap: Hats off to you @daath :clap: and thank you so much for your time with this and ELR.


Thanks for all your work!

The link to the FAQ is not working, btw


Fixed, thanks!

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Hi, i’m new here, coming from China, interested in electronic cigarette and wanting to have more knowledge of this field, sharing.
Thanks for all your efforts and work. :smile:

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Great site. It has been very helpful as I am new to DIY. Cheers

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Everything I’ve read from you has been proven true. The knowledge/curve cure requires effort,but once learned is well worth it. The learning curve is a good thing, tends to keep the non serious/silly out of the loop. This site is by far the best out there. Wishing you luck with the members. The technology effort shows.


hi, Lars
this is Ema. we just contacted from the email. i need you help to change my status as vendor. my account is Ema. thanks very much

I guess I need to change my name here. I’m /u/Vapingrammy on Reddit and that’s what most people know me by. No one knows who I am over here. :frowning:

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Nice to meet you Grammy. No one know you yet :slightly_smiling:

We have a way of getting to know each other. I hope you pop in and share your knowledge with us.

Yes, welcome @grammyvapes :smiley: This is where we relax and have fun :slightly_smiling:

Thanks! I’m mostly a quiet lurker on mixing forums. I love learning from you pros and everything I know has come from you trailblazers!


Welcome! :slight_smile: You should come say hello. Everyone has something valuable to offer, even if it is just a kind word or a “me too!” :wink:

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Hello and welcome to this awesome community nancy_angle. Yes I know I’m late to the party

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Thanks for the warm welcome i am new to DIY This will get me started off mixing Thanks again from Scotland

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Glad you found ELR. Maybe start with some light reading :slight_smile:


Hello All :slight_smile:
So glad i found this forum! - I’m happily lurking and reading some beginner posts!
I’ve been vaping for only 6 months but reading so much on it and I guess by most definitions I’m a chain vaper, but this is better than my 2 packs of cigs I smoked for 30 years

Cancer made me quit but vaping has kept me sane lol. I use mainly 3 mg flavors, mixed in with some 0. Now I am reading up and about to try to make some of my own , thanks to you all !!

Enough about me haha, thanks to all you experts out there posting, I have learned alot!