Well Done Australian 60 Minutes

I just watched a 60 minutes (Au) segment on vaping and it was very pro vaping which was excellent - they had the sheet stain on from the TGA what a waste of space he is - oh kids will take it up etc etc to which the reporter pretty much shot him down.

If i can find a video i will post it.


cool, am sure many of us would enjoy watching

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Sorry about the quality - they are a little misinformed that big tobacco is leading the way but it is still an interesting story - and big tobacco only got involved so they can make more money but worth a watch

Edit: here is a better quality video


That was really good, enjoyed that cheers fella :wink:


Great video. Thanks for sharing.

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Thankyou, nice watch. Makes me question why governments can be sooo stupid! Wow, just Wow! Poor Aussie’s . How can vaping be illegal, Its just totally blew me away haha! These are the retards that control us haha! Duh!

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Nice @woftam thanks for posting that.
I hope Australia takes note of the NZ stance and reconsiders.

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What the Oz government has done to vapers is a sad and sorry shame.I feel really bad for them. I wish I could help our ozzie diy’ers. I suppose now it’s illegal even to import, even with a prescription to do so?

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