Well... that happened

guys im back… i been on irc more then here… sorry… :frowning: I was forced here back bc the server crashed… sooo whats up!!!

I forgot there’s a chat! Uhm… :open_mouth: I’m kind of new so I’m not sure what kind of news might be unknown to you. Maybe I’ll peek at the chat when I’m done mixing a few items.

xD well the chat is down for some reason but hopfully it’s up soon :frowning:

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Maybe by the time I get done with stuff. You guys weren’t plotting world domination or anything to draw the attention of the NSA were you?

can’t discuss that on here :slight_smile:


There was an error with the duck spawner and they had to take down all of IRC to fix it.

Not really though. I have no idea, maybe it’s not impossible.