Well wishes

Thanks for the well wishes everyone, surgery came and gone… if your ever told your getting a TURBT leave your dignity at home lol.
I did want to covey something that I had prepped me for prior to going into this thing. I was just waiting for the doctors and all to start lecturing me on vaping… but it never happened. In a whirlwind of different anesthesiologists, doctors, and charge nurses all asking the same questions that included the… “Have you ever smoked”, “How long ago did you quit”, etc I told them all I vaped and didn’t once get a response as to vaping being harmful or bad. I only had one person say something on the order of “Oh that’s one of those e-cigarettes right” to which I responded that vaping doesn’t have anything to do with smoking a cigarette.
Anyway… again thanks for the thoughts.


I had to google… <shiver] Rest up bro and best wishes for a speedy recovery :mask: ~!


Yeah man, been there, quite a few times. Glad you are well, rest and heal as much as you can. If they gave them, stay off the opiates if you can avoid them, too many side effects. I had to have a stone taken out a couple years back, was no fun. The only upside is my urologist gave me these pills that make it burn less when you go, but they also turn your pee blue. Awesome for bar bets.

It is interesting with the vaping, I told my doc I had been vaping for 2 years after smoking for 20, he comes back with a lung function machine i gotta blow into. Said my lung function has actually improved substantially.


Hope your doing well and wish you a speedy recovery ! Glad you didn’t get any flack for vaping interesting story.


Likewise, had to google…I’ll pass. =x
They’d have to put me OUT completely to ‘do that’.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing the ‘lack of a hostile reception’ from medical professionals. That’s awesome!


Glad you’re back and everything’s OK. Rest up, chill out and recover.


Happy to hear all is well :innocent:


Been praying for you…'cause anything stuck up there can’t be good.
I am so glad it is now over.

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Godspeed in your recovery… :slight_smile:

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I am really glad that your surgery is over, and I am sorry you had to endure something like that…hopefully recovery won’t take that long, I will be sending well wishes and happiness your way! Get better soon!

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Wishing you all the best and praying for you to have a speedy easy recovery.

So Micro Surgery huh?

Somebody had to say it :smile:


I’m not going to look it up, I’m just glad you are ok! Have a nice nap! Rest!