Went to a local Vape Show

Went to a Vape Show yesterday, came away a little disappointed. A friend of mine owns a juice company and he introduced me to a few other vendors he knows. One place made some great mods and atty’s but they were way to expensive for me. Some advocacy speeches going on but mostly just juice companies. I was disappointed there wasn’t more hardware being sold. I did expect to pick up some juices for cloning purposes but I was really looking for a new atty if I saw something I liked. Just weren’t that many available. Pods of course were a big thing, just not into that. NicSelect did have a booth there and I stopped by to talk to the lady there. She did seem a bit lonely. I’m guessing not that many DIYers there. But could be a place to get my nic when I need it. Not really much point to this, just some random musings. I do wish there were more vape shows with gear.


Iv’e never been to a vape show. They have one in Detroit every once in a while, I think I would like to go just to see what it’s like.


At the end, you just ask yourself, what’s the point? Just a @woftam WOFTAM :joy:

Never went to a show myself neither.

But it’s not only the shows but the same goes for shops over here, on Saturday went to a shop that usually carried a lot of FAs and attys, my way of thinking is still, help your local shop, even if a bit more expensive, sometime you don’t have the time or need a couple of flavors that don’t justify the delivery cost.

So I went there and he had a few attys and about 7/10 flavors on a lonely shelf and asked what happened, you use to have a good range of products and from 50 to 60 flavors and he said, not a lot of request, FA centralized distribution, so I have to wait to do a bigger order, there are not many diy’ers around here and it’s worthier to have one shots and ready made liquids. The truth is we all buy from the net and It’s a fact, You tube/Internet updates us on products or liquids, faster then any show that happens once or twice a year, that way of doing things just got too old!


I heard Grimm Green complain about it a while back. Vape shows used to be a hype with lots of everything but he said it was very disappointing. I guess most people are fine with their vape shops these days and don’t need to see all the cloud blowing competitions or vape tricks anymore.
Seems to me that those fairs are more interesting for businesses to network than anything else. I’ve never felt the need to meet up with all the vaping celebrities or try every possible vape juice and hardware.


I have been to a few over the years… pretty much, between the regs and the strippers who could be maybe 20 ruined a lot of things…They can be a source of contacts for businesses and more… but no one really wants to “throw” them now. It’s pretty sad… My state never threw one, and the one that used to pop up in NC, when I asked for help in starting one, turned me away as it would take money off his own table. Go figure… so no… no vape shows for me now… ego over brains suck… not even poached.

and yes, Grim and Vapor Joe was always at the NC one…


pretty much, got pod?

Not saying anything wrong with pods… about the equivalent of ego sticks way way back in the day… but no cloud chasers are not in the majority these days… even the comps don’t get or bring in a lot of folks… it’s like no one cares… and when I can get a bottle (30m) of nic salt juice for under 10.00… yeah


That’s where I was, in NC. Also went to the one back in '17. I really only went to this one to support my friend and his e-juice company. I was somewhat interested in some of the advocacy presentations, but in the end there wasn’t much more info than what we discuss here on the forum.


Well then I think you know who said that to me… total turn off, and the biggest “vendor” in my state promised that he’d help me get our local convention center… never happened…

I thought the goal was to to help others out… but yeah…