West Virginia Politicians email

Today I get this email and I have to be honest here, I am sort of having an issue with how I got this email.

I received this email because I showed my support against WV State Bill # 420 to raise tax on e-liquid via a CASAA alert. I did this by way of CASAA’s own political email notification system.

So either CASAA let my email address out (highly doubt that) or this guy is one of the politicians that received my email response to his official WV government email account.

He is not in my voting district so I had never heard of this guy before this email.

I would have been much more impressed had I received an OFFICIAL response from him thanking me for showing my support

I am not ok with him sending me this ad to buy HIS eliquid to support his re-election campaign

I would like to hear others opinions on a politician using his official state email account to generate a sales ad that HE benefits from.

Lets taking Vaping to the Next Level!

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Taking Vaping to a New Level!

My Friend,

Not only am I an elected official, but I am also a fellow vaper. I stand up for the cause and awareness of how important it is to protect the vaping industry. Recently within the last week we celebrated a major win in the state of West Virginia by defeating a gateway tax that ultimately would have destroyed vaping in West Virginia. I did not fight the fight alone. It was truly a team effort put forth by myself, shop owners, Schell Hammel of SFATA, and thousands of vapers. It was a true victory for each and every one of us.

I have further taken my efforts and reached out to Governor Brown of California to express the impact of what they are getting ready to do. California is truly in trouble but I made myself readily available to be reached for consultation by them if needed.

I have also been in contact with Mike Pence (Governor of Indiana) and his office, in regards to the new regulations he is facing on his desk for approval or veto. Let’s hope that my efforts there with that legislation goes in favor of the vaping industry.

In my efforts to fight, I was willing to lay down my upcoming campaign for my fellow vapers and shop owners. But now it is time to get to work and with that, comes a whole new level of how we stand up and get the sweet rewards in one swipe!

I have recently partnered with The Vapor Bar to create a line that represents our loyalty to the industry. Sales generated will to fund my campaign to continue that Representation for my fellow vapers. With my design and name, and their lab’s formulation, I believe we have created the perfect product that represents that union and our hard work in the state.

This is just the first of a line and series of product. SB420 is the Victory Dance of it all. With the defeat of SB420 in the Legislature, it only seemed fitting we do a Victory Dance in its defeat. The flavor alone is the taste of sweet taste of a victory my friend. Designed after the famous Horchata drink (but this is made from scratch with 10 different flavors), you will sit back in absolute pleasure with this flavor.

I am not some politician asking for a campaign donation today my friend, I am asking you to join me, and help me continue to fight for you and your rights. Your purchase will help do two things today. First it will advance my fight for your vaping rights, and secondly it will put one of the best flavors you have ever tasted in your hands today.

ATTENTION SHOP OWNERS: I am also asking you to stock this product as well as every bottle purchased allows me to continue the fight for each of you!


Forward Email to Fellow Vaperts Today!

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Committee to Elect Larry W Faircloth · 186 Diamante Drive · Inwood, WV 25428 · USA

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I clicked the link at the bottom that reads WHY DID I GET THIS? and here is the response on the web site it goes to

You were subscribed to this list because:
You are receiving this email because you chose to stand up for our vaping community as I have alonside with you.

Committee to Elect Larry W Faircloth

186 Diamante Drive
Inwood, WV 25428
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A salse pitch? Obviously. But a man that takes initiative to help get in front of this - I don’t have a problem with this. Any politician that is going to stand by our side in this is facing tremendous odds, and vast amounts of money being given to their opposition to fight back. We are going up against politicians, big tobacco, big pharma, hospitals, doctors, lawers, and countless other individuals because we quit putting money in their hands. I would consider buying juice from him. I personally wouldn’t care how he got my email. It can’t be any worse that the 10 billion spams emails I get a year. At least his mail is something interesting. I have been seeing bumper stickers that say I vape and I vote. As soon as I find some they are going on my car.


I guess I should have added the email account this came to gets no spam at all because I only use it for organizations such as CASAA that take your privacy seriously

As a vapor I would totally support him but I also do not believe it is ethical for him to have used his official state email account to generate a sales list and that is the only possible way he could have got this address.

I fully expect to get bombarded with spam on this account now and that sucks as I have managed to keep this account free of spam for YEARS

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So good to see you post wvsanta , you have been missed!
I can see both sides so to speak.It is great to see a politician who is helping to support vapers rights but on the other hand he seems like he should be selling used cars.I guess in reality we probably shouldn’t be too surprised by this since both try and sell us stuff that in reality isn’t very good most of the time.
I don’t know how he got the email , I do hope that it wasn’t from CASAA.As far as laws concerning politicians and their official government email usage I don’t have a clue.I do think it was a poor choice at best , I had rather get a postcard showing him blowing clouds asking for a contribution than a sales pitch.
IMO , I would probably buy a couple of bottles to show my support and to have something material to show younger generations about the time in history when the government tried to tell us we was better off smoking.

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I totally agree and would add an official reply to my email FIRST and then the sales pitch would have been better.

Little by little for now, the eye issues are still not solved but a little more tolerable


Have you emailed him back? Email back from a different account and ask how he got your email.

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I guess if you earn your living off vaping or you simply hate the Tobacco industry as I do, I guess you would think this is a good thing and for the most part it is - the only thing I worry about is this:

Altria and the FDA are friends. Cigarettes became 100 times more addictive over the last 50 years because the FDA protected them and let them put what amounts to anti-depressant compounds in cigarettes. If we get to the day when the government is forcing additives into our liquid - Holy God - they could put heroin in it to keep us tax slaves. Seriously people - think about where the road ends and shield yourself.

This is the biggest reason I mix my own liquid. I dont want their crack.