"Wet 510 connectijon" How do you keep juice out of mods?

I’ve been trying different ways to keep juice out of my mods since the get go.
This past week i’m trying a new method. I put a small o-ring around my 510 connection of my tanks to create a seal in order to prevent juice from going down into my mods. As long as the o-ring is not too thick, I still get a good positive connection, and this seems to be the best ‘way’ I have found so far.

Last method was to put a cotton donut under my tanks. But, I think that almost worked as a wick to keep it wet under there, rather than to stop the juice. I would make these cotton donuts by cutting them out of mini pads (a feminine product).
Another method I tried was to cut little plastic donuts out of empty 2 liter bottle plastic. That works good to make seepage flow away from the mod, but I would still have a wet 510 connection. It was interesting to cut them from an area of the bottle where it curved just right (along the top 3rd) to make it a shape like an upside down bowl.
I’ve always wrapped tissue paper, napkins or paper towel pieces around my mods that seep or leak. Seems that especially my SMOK TFV4 (s) leak or at least seep after I re-fill them.

Okay… I’ll admit it. I’m desperate to find a good, permanent answer to this problem. So, 2 days ago I bought something new. It is called Gripeez, and it’s one of those 'As Seen on TV" products. It is a 10-pack of 3x4" silicone sheets for $9.99 used to stick up to 5 lb objects to any surface. One example they use is a picture on a wall. I wanted it to stick my mod on my dashboard of my car. Yes, it sticks and re-sticks. It’s washable and re-useable. Well, I cut up one sheet into thin strips, and i’m using them to create a seal between my tank and mod, wrapping it around the 510 connection. Since I don’t ‘change’ tanks and I leave the same tank on a mod constantly, then this will work well for me. I can put it on, and it will stay seated until I unscrew the tank. Little O-rings like the ones for drip tips will do the same thing.

All my tanks even my Aromamizer v2 drips or leaks when it gets low on juice. Even my new Griffin that seeps very little was sticky this morning, and I had to wipe it. I had 5 or 6 mods go bad on me in 3 months, and some of the problems were due to ejuice leaking into them.

Well, I’m interested to see if anyone else has battled this problem as I have, and I’m anxious to hear about how you deal with the issue of a 'wet 510 connection".

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I just deal with it as it happens, but if you want a great tank that won’t EVER
leak, get that OBS. It’s a wonderful RTA.


It really is somethin that tank, so impressed with it :ok_hand:


Best thing I can think of is try your best to prevent leaking and condensation - that means prefer top airflow, solid base type tanks, and don’t blow before you toot (that’ll only spit juice or at least vapour onto your mod which will condensate). Normally I just wipe everything off when needed, never had a problem with any of my mods that way - although I had occasional leaks.

Also higher wattages tend to cause more leaking, dripping and condensation…

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Yea, that tank rocks, just ask @R113

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Im not familiar with either of the tanks you mention but a couple of things you can try/check, make sure that all of the seals are in place, undamaged or squashed flat - don't let your tank get to less than 1/3 full - make sure any screw type fittings are nipped up just a touch past finger tight - if you diy try a higher percentage of vg in your base, its a bit thicker

If the wetness is coming from the 510 connector then sealing your tank to your mod is unlikely to cure the problem, it`s more likely that the wick is getting over wet, if your tanks have air flow control you could try closing it down by increments till the leaking stops

My Lemo s get weepy when the wick gets a bit dirty and becomes inefficient so it pays to keep on top of coil/wick maintenance good luck

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Thank you for telling me about the OBS engine BB. Super fine tank and bought 3 more. Great vapor and flavor plus it will never ever leak