Wet drip tip?

I am after some advice - I use a kanger sub tank mini and lately i have noticed a rather wet pool of eliquid when i take my drip tip off , I am i doing something wrong ???

No, most of it is the liquid condensing and some of it is from the liquid spitting as there is too much at the coil to fully vaporize. Happens in pretty much all atomizers.

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phew - thanks thought I had a problem houston !!! thanks Ken

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Happy to help. :smile:

should I turn the wattage up to burn the liquid on the coil more effectively ?

That is up to you, it will happen either way. Sometimes excess liquids in the drip tip can be a result of to hard a draw on it. As long as it isnt spitting liquid into your mouth yer all good.

Find the wattage you like to vape and and stick with it, no matter what you do you will see the liquid pool under and in the drip tip.


I’ve found that some drip tips do it more than others- a uniform bore that goes straight through the drip tip …(ie… Same sized hole at the bottom & the top) is best IMO… Some have a wide hole up top & a narrow one at the bottom which allows the juice to collect inside the bottom of the tip. I find these ones are more prone to get juice in your mouth. Maybe experiment with a few.

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thanks for the heads up