WF Brazilian coffee tips anyone?!

Hey guys!

Any tips on brazilian coffee (SC) (WF) ?
I’ve just received mine and solo testing @ 1% it is good, no off notes or burnt popcorn. Not sure how the steeping is going to change that but I guess I’ll have to wait.
Well I’ve never mixed a coffee profile so I’m completely lost about how to approach this flavor…

FLV Mocha could join forces here or is it going to overlap? I’d really appreciate some suggestions.
Thanks a lot!


I have no idea, but it looks like you’re on the right path to find out! The steep will tell you which way to go for solo or in a mix, up or down. Mixing the two flavors together could be great, especially if one is lacking in what the other provides.

Hopefully someone who has experience with these flavors will have more to say. But, im pretty sure you’ll be able to answer your own questions soon, and you’ll be the one helping someone with this in the future. Best of luck with the mixes!


I found it to be really really potent. It is tasty, but when I use it, I use it very low like .4% or else it blows out my mix


Sry, I’m a bit late here but thx for your feedback.
Interesting your input about its potency. I assume if you are using .4% you probably are looking for just a light hint of coffee rather than the main note.
I’ve made 2 remixes of Marietta , one with FA UP and the other with WF Brazilian coffee. Although it’s been only one week steeping it is very noticeable they came up completely different. I’ll never know how is the original Marietta since I don’t have MG coffee but from my test I’m finding the version with FA UP more pleasant. Not sure if 2% was too high or if this base its just not appropriate to WF brazilian coffee in general


I prefer to use it at 1% as the main note in a mix and .5% as a supporting flavor. Works well with VT chocolate mousse to make a nice cafe mocha.


Most coffee’s to me taste like popcorn or burnt cocoa, every time I get above 30watts.

If I want a coffee flavored juice, that’s just that and not coffee dominant, I use (WF) smooth cappuccino or (FLV) Irish cream but even with the flavorah it can happen, depending on the overall mix.

So maybe that’s an idea, grabbing a couple flavors that don’t have coffee in the name lol.

Edit: I like cafe latte, latte macchiato in general. Or in other terms, 2 l of cream with a drop of coffee, rather than black coffee or espresso etc. If that’s what you want, and vape at higher watts, might be difficult :frowning:


Yes, I’m starting to realize a full rich coffee with what I have it will not work as I expected, so probably I should take the “heavy cream with a hint of coffee note” :smiley:

I may be in the wrong cream base here, and if anyone could suggest one I’d appreciate a lot, but I was thinking about two options:

  • 3% vanilla swirl (TFA) + 1.5% cream fresh (FA) and/or;
  • 2% bavarian cream (FW) + 1.5 sweet cream (CAP) + 1% marshmallow (TFA)

Then run 2 versions, one with 0.5% UP (FA) and the other with 0.5% Brazilian coffee (WF)…



I would go with that one, minus the marshmallow.

I feel that, especially in your case, where you want to taste a bit more coffee, in comparison to let’s say me, that marshmallow might pull the upper notes too much down. Mellowing it.

Could always try a third version without so, just in case you like it better.

Other then that, does look like a good base for hot milk/cream with a drop of coffee :wink:


Thanks eStorm, I’ll try that, hopefully it is going to come out better than the previous version


Thanks for sharing WF Brazilian coffee tips. I was searching for it online. I am a school student and right now I am writing an essay by reading samples on this site. It makes me so dizzy and I want to make my mood fresh. So, I am thinking about making WF Brazilian coffee and for that, I was searching for tips online. I will surely make my coffee like you have explained.


Thanks for sharing WF Brazilian coffee tips. I was searching for it online.


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@giuliano This is one of my favorite black coffee flavors along with Espresso (VSO). Just a heads up, I like my coffee black, strong, no sugar in RL and in my vapes. Even in my coffee mixes with whipped cream, whisky, coffee liqueur, etc., I go heavy up to 2% with nothing off putting. It’s a great flavor off the shake or steeped.


Try to work in a little Dulce De Leche. Some have a good chocolate emulation like Flavor Artists (no, not Flavour Art) with TFA a close second place.