What am I doing wrong? Premixed 100% VG Ecigexpress

Went to ecigexpress and bought a a bunch of random flavors, but made sure to get all the flavors for unicorn milk recipe I found on this site. All are Capella besides butter cream.

I made some quick strawberries and cream (Cap) mixed at 10% and shook it really well and vaped it then. It tasted ok, but wasn’t great I’m sure it would get better over time.

Now that it’s the weekend I wanted to try a few more juices. I made the unicorn milk mixing 30ml at 16.5% flavor and the rest is ecigexpress’ premixed 100% VG with 6mg nic. I tried it right after I made it and it had a very weird flavor to it. Almost like it’s all VG or something not really a flavor but a bad taste if that makes sense. I’ve never vaped strait VG but I imagine this is what it tastes like. Figured maybe this just needed some time to sit and meld so I moved on to natural rainbow candy (skittles) from flavor west. Started at 5% and started mixing up and it was the same taste as before so I upped to 10% and kept going until I finally just threw it away. Got all the way to 25% and there was still no hint of any flavor besides that weird taste of maybe too much VG.

Thought maybe it was the flavor west so I got the Cap double Apple out to try and mix some. I’m at 10% right now and still same thing.

Should I have gotten the 70/30 mix instead of 100% VG because as it sits the nic is already mixed at 6mg 100% VG so only PG going into the juice is in the flavors itself. Has anyone ever had any experience with the premixed bases from ecigexpress?

Thank you for your help

Did you say you shake and vape them all?

PG is said to be a better flavor carrier, but you can hit your flavor regardless of the ratio. I mix all my mixes at 70%VG / 30% PG and I have no issues with a proper steep. Not all flavors are shake and vape.


I cant speak on the skittles, never tried it nor have a tried any of the Unicorn Milks. BUT i do vape a lot of custard/cream vapes and for them to be any good they should sit about a month. I dont even touch my custard/cream mixes for 30 days.

Like a fine wine they need time, its just the nature of the flavor you are shooting for.

For single flavor starting percentage for the flavor west skittalike would be average of 12%.


Yea, I shake and vape them all. Lol I hate waiting especially since I just started and just got all my stuff in. Really wanted to try my new juices. Really didn’t want to wait lol.

I’ll give them a good steep I guess and try them then. I was mainly concerned since the base is premixed 100% VG if that would be too much VG and give it a weird taste. I can see with some of the cream flavors but with the fruity candy I would at least expect to taste it a little bit especially at 25%, but I got nothing on the shake and vape just that weird taste.


Seems like DIY would be easy, but there is a lot to it. One thing to consider is that not all flavors are guaranteed to be good. Check out this list before your next flavor purchase. You can also check the usage % and how others use these flavors. Do a little research and you will have success.


Absolutely. I amassed a ton of flavors that i never used more than once, some were just to weak and some totally sucked, to me.

The recommended flavors list was compiled from some very good mixers, im not saying if a flavor isnt on the list it isnt good but it is a great place to start for flavors some of us found good enough to suggest to others.

EDIT TO ADD: Also, just because you like to eat something doesnt necessarily mean you will like to vape it. I love me some Captain Crunch for breakfast but i hated vaping it, that was a sad day.

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I agree with everything that Pro_Vapes and Ken_O_Where have mentioned.I use a 70/30 mix as well and when mixing a shake and vape, I have found a little heat and a milk frother goes a long way.
VG doesn’t carry the flavors as well as PG so it is going to be much harder to get the flavors to meld by shaking alone.Some use a crock pot or a Ultra sonic cleaner to help with the heating and mixing, others prefer to just let it steep.Heat will change the taste so you will have to decide if that is for you.
I would try and warm your e liquid by setting it in a pan of warm water , this should help to thin it so that it will mix better when you shake it.
The VG doesn’t really have a weird taste to it so I would try a drop alone just to make sure it is ok.My guess is the flavoring , it can sometimes have an earthy and chemical taste both when freshly mixed.
My best guess is you will be fine ,it just needs to steep.

Thanks for all the replies I’ll read those links and look at the flavor list.

Boy Howdy, that’s what I’m getting an earthy chemical taste weird to explain lol.

Again thanks for all the quick replies.

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Do you you let your mixes “breathe” before vaping them? I tend to find that even the alleged “shake and vape” flavours need to breathe a while to get rid of that chemical smell. I tend to breathe most of my juices for between 12 and 24 hours before putting them away although you have to be careful with some fruits as the flavour can diminish. I also “burp and shake” the juices whilst they are steeping, every 3 or 4 days to allow the chemical smell out and fresh air in.

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