What are the Best Tanks

I like my X-Pure RDA because it has a ceramic deck, which is possibly the reason why flavor is great. It also produces tons of vapor. I have the air hole wide open, use 28g Kanthal wire and cotton wick.

I love my Fogger v3. I use the same wire cotton as above. The vapor is tremendous! I still have some issues with machine oil taste, so I need to clean it again really good.

I like my Kangor tank with Vanilla Custard and Peach in it because the drip tip is small and the flavor is great. It heats up though.

My Aspire Nautilus Mini is great. I love to keep green apple in it.

The Atlantis on my Sigelei is okay. Too much unscrewing to refill it.
The E-Leaf Nemo is like a clone of the Atlantis, but you only unscrew about 6 twists to refill it. The atomizer heads are interchangeable with the Atlantis heads. It has 2 sets of air holes while the Atlantis only has a single oblong air hole.

I got an E-Leaf GS16 that was inexpensive and it’s great.


Maybe some More specific info on it please. Maybe I will try it. Been looking at it for a while. What does everyone else have to say about it? What’s the in’s and out’s of it?

The E-Leaf Lemo is cheaper and better in my opinion. And the atomizer heads are interchangeable with the Atlantis. Less unscrewing to open it for a refill. It has 2 sets of air holes rather than one hole on the Atlantis, and the quality and appearance are equal.

I have the Kanger sub tank and the Aspire Atlantis, of the 2 I feel the Kanger has it beat in all around performance. If you like a tank with stock coils you want be disappointed with this one. Lately tho there has been several new tanks that has popped up that even better than the Kanger so do your research.

Lemo Drop …flavor monster


Another for the Goliath. I’ve only used RBA’s till now, have tried tanks that friends of mine had & they never came close to the vape I was getting from dripping. Recently I’ve Wanted a tank for a on the go setup. Did my research & settled on the Goliath. I figured for the lower quality vape I’d get the convenience would even things out. I was Wrong, It’s Amazing! The flavor is honestly on par with my RBA’s & I’d say better than some “cloud” type RBA’s I’ve tried. And if clouds are your thing the Goliath can hold it’s own. It was pretty easy to build & wick. So far I’ve stayed around 50 watts & haven’t had a dry hit yet. Only negative I can think of is it goes threw juice quite fast, not a big deal to me since I make my own but it would be if I was paying $20 for 30mls like most. So it’s perfect for the DIY crowd.


I am impatiently waiting for the v2 so impatiently!!! maybe if I buy something now it is my luck the release would happen within a day or so… lol

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Have you seen the v2 improvements anywhere online? Just curious what’s improved?

I know this is an old thread but my line up has changed.

Goliath v1
Crown Subtank by Uwell
Billow v2
Zephyrus by Youde
Goblin Clone
Kanger Subtank
Lemo v2


It is fun to look back .I am sitting here thinking this is a great vape Goliath v 2 I am using single coil Ti and for my self I have used the tank enough to get it to work for. me enough of that .I just loaned a friend my Atlantis that I got in one of my deals .any rate I have this thing about atomizer I really dislike them mine allows failed at the wrong time so to this day and I will not say never I only use RTA Or RDA but now I am seeing ceramic atomizer coming out. run across one for the Atlantis I was looking for something different to go in kanger to replace occ head for a friend .I would sure be willing to try a nautilus mini with ceramic atomizer. working on temp control when they come out with one or somthing like it. a year ago when I was burning up atomizer like crazy and paying 5 bucks each for them when I was in a bind .I swore the word atomizer was not to be spoken or occ heads I believe it’s funny how tanks I really dislike can come back in to the picture

There is not a best tank I think, but there is some better tanks fore specific needs. IMO cloud and flavor doesn’t go in pair. Tight airflow tanks as Nautilus, Kayfuns, Taifuns, vs have better flavors compared to more airier subohm cloud tanks. Some juices will taste better in tank A compared to tank B and oter juices will taste better in tank B and not that good in tank A.

Than coil setup is also another factor. Some like hot, other cold.

You’re better to try different tank style and coil setup.
Here some tanks to try:

  • Kayfun mini V3
  • Subtank Mini
  • Geekvape Griffin
  • Steam Caver Aromamizer
  • Taifun GT-S V2
  • Ehpro Bachelor

What I prefer is Kayfun v4, Taifun Gt. Coiled with single coil, 26g Kanthal A1, 10 wraps, 1.3 ohm which I vape at 9-12 watts which is cold to lukewarm . It’s different for others.

I am still using the tanks with pre made coils…but my list of what I’ve used is:

Aspire Triton (original): total bust…leaky mess. Expensive.

Eleaf iJust2: GREAT airy tanks. They are pretty much leak free and I used them for a year or so with their original batteries, now I use them to experiment on my box.

TFV4: Just ordered, hoping for the best.

Eleaf Melo 2: Just ordered

anyone have a suggestion for a first time re-buildable? I keep hearing Goliath…I am just tired of buying coils and getting some that work great and some that are terrible (see new thread I posted). I feel like I can do better myself at this point.

I would suggest an aromamizer. It’s by far the easiest to build of the tanks that I have (which isn’t a ton…Kanger subtank mini RBA, Crown RBA, Crius, Goblin mini) and is one of my favorites. It practically can’t leak and the flavor I get from it is great. I know of a few people that didn’t like theirs, so obviously this is just my 0.02, but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one or three. :stuck_out_tongue:


aromamizer…I am new to the term. Going to look into it and get back to you. I am looking for something I can use in tandem with a tank…so that may very well be it. I just don’t have the means to drip all day as I have my hands full etc, so whatever I do I will still need that tank of fluid attached to it. I think there’s a viable solution anyway…

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A couple reviews by our very own…


just watched the Robert Ellis review on STEAMCRAVE’s site. I am going to scoop up the 6mL ASAP.

Thanks for your input…this is exactly what I was looking for!!


OK…just got in the Eleaf Melo2 using .3ohm coils and my Eleaf iStick 100w (non TC) and…well it certainly solved the tank capacity problems of my Arctic (original) as well as being MUCH easier to fill. It also hits like a freight train and stays cooler. I picked up a couple drip tips (gettin’ snazzy 'round here) and I can’t get them hot if I try. No more burned lips.

For what will probably be one of my last true sub ohm premade coil tanks, I am satisfied completely.

Solid 9/10 (I must get freebies or favors or get really high from a tank to get a 10, sorry…politics man…)


I recently bought a Goliath and I’m using it. I had forgotten that I had one before! How dumb. I got a Goliath and a Zypherus and then I sold the Goliath and kept the Zypherus. Now I have both again. Well… I’m using it for my orange cream vapes. It is a juice drinker and the flavor level is very good. You must access the coil in order to fill it. Welll… the version I have anyway (and I just bought it 2 weeks ago). I enjoyed building it. By the way… The reason I sold it the first time is that it leaked on me. NOW, I am more experienced at building coils so I can build it in a way so that it won’t leak and I don’t get dry hits either. I used silica wick and PACKED it. But, the wick is not too long. It just goes to the top of the juice canal, not longer and down in it. It only blocks the top of the juice canal. I’m finding that silica works well for me in cases like this. It KEEPS its shape or spongibility and doesn’t get compressed like cotton or rayon could. You don’t FLUFF it, as you may know. It is made of sand? I’m not sure. I’ve always used it, and I’ve always even more-so now prefer it over other wick materials. Anyway I do like the Goliath and it is a keeper. oh… One thing… If you don’t screw the tank back on correctly after you fill it, it’s hard to tell if yu did and your juice will run out. So, just be careful with that.

Me too @TopherZ420.