What are the workhorse flavours in your collection?

It seemed to come up while discussing each others collections and it got me wondering: What flavours, even if divisive, do you turn to a lot?

For me, my essentials would be:

Hibiscus (Flavorah or Flavour West): Can’t go Victorian without it.

Hickory Smoke (TPA), Oak Barrel (VTA) and Oak Wood (FA) a little adds a lot of depth.

Horehound (TPA): it gets into almost all floral and cocktail blends I make for it’s meaty mint but top mouth icy effect.

Holiday Spice (TPA) and Coffee (Kona) (TPA) for their spicy and nutty notes at tiny percentages [also mixing Kona with Mary Jane (TPA) as part of herbal blends].

Monks in Love (Flavormonks): Used in many bitter bases and cocktails.

Red Burley (Flavorah): I rarely make a tobacco blend without it.

Soho (FA): The tobacco to base coffee and dessert tobacco blends with.

Yam (TPA): When need I need a bridge to fruits with custards.


TPA Graham Cracker Clear, Bavarian Cream, Cheesecake Graham Crust, Vanilla Custard, Milk/Dairy, Marshmallow, AP, Belgian Waffle, Banana Cream.

CAP Sweet Strawberry, VC 1, VC 2, Sweet Cream, Sweet Guava, Graham Cracker, Juicy Lemon .

FA Apple Pie, Meringue, Cookie, Cream Fresh, Marshmallow, Vienna Cream, Forrest Fruit, Madagascar.

INW Biscuit, Pineapple, Shisha Strawberry, Cherries.

FLV Butterscotch, Vanilla Pudding, Vanilla Custard.

FW Butterscotch, Cherry Crush, Cinnamon Roll, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Waffle Cone.

LA Cream Cheese Icing, Lemonade, Marshmallow, Watermelon, Banana Cream.

MF Dark Chocolate, Peach, Blueberry, Wild Raspberry.

OOO Honey Puffs, Strawberry Ripe.

VTA Sugarloaf, Warm Custard, Fizzy Sherbet.

WF Glazed Donut, Caramel Popcorn and Peanuts, Pixie Stick Candy.


Vanilla Pudding Flavorah - It thickens up, sweetens, and makes me happy every single time and I would literally pull my hair out without it.

Sugar Cookie V2 Cap - People have asked me why 2 and not the original… the V2 is sweeter to me and doesn’t have the slight brown sugar note. You can make a cookie, a crust, or just a bakery aspect to any recipe with this one.


Looking at my flav stats the top 10 (in order from most used) would be:
CAP Super Sweet
FLV Sweetness
FLV Milk and Honey
FA Cream Fresh
TPA Sour
FLV Cream
FLV Banana
FLV Vanilla Pudding
TPA Koolada

I do a lot of mixing for others, so that’s why you don’t see OOO Honey puffs or FLV Milk in the top ten…


The why’s matter: What do they do?


I like the reasons: Lists alone feel like algorithms.


With the list of go to’s I provided, explaining exactly what each one did, would take more time than is available. Most are self explanatory, and most are tried and true work horses that most mixers either know about, use, or both.

Suffice it to say …


@SessionDrummer . I thought just ending the scene in parts would reinforce the need for my eccentric ways.


Touché Sir …


Mine are…

CAP Vanilla Custard V1: Easily my most used flavour as it is also one of my ADV solo.
INW Shisha Strawberry: My favourite out of all the strawberries I have. Adds a solid bright note for me.
TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) and INW Biscuit: Add a really nice texture and taste to most bakeries.
TFA Cheesecake GC and FW Cheesecake: Create an authentic non-baked cheesecake for my tastes.
CAP NY Cheesecake: I do like a good baked cheesecake.
CAP Sweet Strawberry (orig and rdcd flshpnt) Great strawberry base flavour.
TFA and FW Bavarian Cream: Just my favourite creams to use in anything.


Different side of blending to my comfort zone but loved to hear why: Makes me want to have a bakery and cream season.


Oh man, I forgot how funny that movie is. I’m gonna have to go watch it now.

INW Biscuit is another versatile concentrate. Add it as a base or use it for its flavor but just use it.
INW Custard because it’s my favorite and it’s versatile. I can use it to add mouthfeel to any recipe or some creaminess.
FA Marshmallow I use in a LOT of recipes for mouthfeel and sweetness.
FA Cardomom because cardamom make everything better (sometimes) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl:

how do you keep stats?


Lars does it for you !
Looks like You used Inawera Custard in more (Public) recipes than any other flavor :ok_hand:



@Dan_the_Man go to “My Page / Favorites and click on “My Profile Link”

Then click on “Flavor stats”


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Thanx Bro!!


On my list of being very potent with the ability to completely take over a recipe. I use it in drops, but yeah … good.


Indeedy. Going above 1 drop per 10ml can get risky.


TRUTH!!! I dilute mine with 7 drops into 120 ml and use it at .5 to 1%. That is what works for me but others dilute it at 5 drops to 30ml. Personally, I can’t go above 1 drop to 60ml if it hasn’t been diluted.

It works really well in my food dishes without dilution.