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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


Merica , songs by James McMurtry

This about sums it up…







No seriously, I only listen for the music in this one (B.O.B. Strange Clouds) :grinning: Warning: a few rude words just so ya know…


The music is indeed much better than the video content :smiley:




This caught my attention on Showtime’s Bilions the other night.


I can dig it!
Makes me think of this …


Ha-Ha! You know it @Suomynona. I was impressed back when I started vaping but a day comes along and you suddenly “realise” and well… Sorta like “vapers be like”

Cheers and have a great Easter break if you’re getting one :grinning:


Gorillaz rock!
Gonna see them in July, realy curious :wink:


Some Dubstep to start off the weekend!


Behold the might of STORMWIND !



Now, this a bit different eh? Had to go off and research to find these are from HOW. Not being a gamer or whatever, had no idea about this. Might go off and download these for times when I just wanna chillax! Thanks for the share @Brunkezz. Noice!


This one’s just been released (sorta) and I came across this hidden Aussie gem by pure chance. Back to something nice’n’simple. Love it.


Mmm they should be a blast to see. I wonder if they’ll perform in hologram like in the past?