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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


Been listening to a lot of comedy records lately, Jim Gaffigan, gosh dang it he’s a funny guy.





Time to introduce a new style/genre of Trance Chillout-Trance - Close :eyes:'s n Enjoy the space traveling! :fairy: :rocket: Unless ur driving then don’t close them. :wink:




What’s Christmas without some dubstep??? xD


We’ve been jamming to some Christmas dubstep lately!!! :grin:


I’m listening in between Christmas music or 80’s rock on Pandora brought to me by Alexa! Yeah, I’m trying to get this house smart. Lol :-):sweat_smile:



Have a yummy Christmas!:wink:



Don’t mind admitting I’ve been a Phil Collins fanboi for eons :sunglasses: Love this song, especially the bit at 2:37 and 3:15. Lots of Phil on my mp3 player when I’m lounging around the pool while on holidays (vacation) in Thailand. Thanks for the share @lambu.





sry cant get link working

Mike Tyson The Girl From Ipanema

happy new year


Whaaa? I am speechless! I am without speech! :astonished:



take that and GAG!
ohh jackass
no? i give