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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?





learned via forums/discord that i like to repost shit, i also learned the term sod off




overdripped on this one


This is fair dinkum @lambu, but this is the very first time I have ever seen Lady Gaga actually sing/perform. Didn’t realise I’ve been hiding under a rock all these years :sleeping: Not wanting to upset anyone but in my humble opinion, what I just saw was bordering on average. Technically capable for sure but not doin’ anything for me. Suppose it’s like the taste is subjective thing. Each to their own. But hey, at least I can tell the girls at work that thanks to you, I’ve finally seen/heard her sing. Meh, haven’t missed much :wink: Thanks for the share. Cheers…


Gotta love a bit of Deep Purple. Was gonna abbreviate as DP but thought I’d better not :joy: Thanks @worm1.


Yeah, sorry for multiple posts. My bad!

Ah, Sweet Jane. Now that brings back memories, albeit the Lou Reed version. Used to listen to that particular one over and over and over…

And Jane’s Addiction – haven’t heard that in ages. Still a great band/song. Nice one!

Repost as often as you like, I’m sure there are some who may have missed ‘em previously :grin:

And the 11yo girl guitarist from Indonesia? She was good. I reckon we’d better call you “butter” ‘cos “you’re on a roll” today!

Thanks again @worm1.


You’re all shook up baby, aren’t you




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