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What Are You Listening To? (Part III) 2019


I saw them in Sydney in the early 80’s…along with Midnight Oil.
Got pissed with Ian Moss, eh?





OMG - anyone ever heard of Toto?

LOL, ok, blast from the past. I heard this today and it made me hearken back to a more innocent time. Or was I losing my innocence? I can neither confirm nor deny!


Yup, Weezer redid Africa so stations have been dragging out others.


Well there’s also Leo Moracchioli’s version.


@SthrnMixer Yeah, I’m down with that. When Toto came out, I kind of blew them off, wasn’t my thing, didn’t really understand what they, or Jeff Porcaro were really doing. Once I started to better learn, what was going on with them, and some of the technical stuff Jeff was doing, I grew to appreciate them. Good stuff.


Oooorah @SthrnMixer , Leo’s a badass, and that’s one of his better covers IMO.


Agreed. I still love the first cover I saw of his. Hello by Adele.



Enjoy… :roll_eyes:


The album Outlaws til the End from Devildriver hasn’t left my car since before Christmas:

In the video, that is actually Johnny Cash’s son singing back up vocals.
They have a pretty good rendition of The Man Comes round, A thousand Miles to Nowhere, A country boy can survive and others.


His covers of Beat it, Take on me, and a few others are pretty good too.


I hear you bro. Back then there was a mixer and some what, DBX kind of stuff. None of the electronic audio processing used in music today. The songs were clearly different. Can you imagine if Toto came out in 2019? Or Supertramp, REO Speedwagon (sticking with a genre here). These bands had richness in their sound. True melodic artistry. And yes, while not all that type of music was your run-of-the-mill rocker’s cup of tea, by today’s standards the music was a craft created by real musician. This music came in on the heels of The Doors, Zeppelin, The Who and many other great artists of the 60s and 70s. Yet if released in our modern day they would be revolutionary.


Saw a bunch of dead shows in the 80s and 90s. Miss those days.


Here’s a good demonstration of what I’m saying. Watch in order…



The Logical Song - Supertramp version
Great production. So many layers. A well written piece, beautifully crafted and with an ability to take you (me anyway) on a journey. I’m still humming it now. Love it :heart_eyes:

The Logical Song - Scooter version
Sorry @SthrnMixer but I only lasted until about 1:06 and I reckon that was a minute too long :face_vomiting:

The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful
So sad but so true :sob: I’ve been trying to get this message across for years but it always seems to fall on deaf ears (forgive the pun). All I’m told is “you’re livin’ in the past old man” but I’ll wear that with pride. Great video. IMHO what this guy said about music is so true … “being different IS important” . Thanks so much for the share brother.