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What Are You Listening To? (Part III) 2019



And now for something a little different. WARNING: Not for the squeamish or those easily offended by in-your-face lyrics that accompany “murder ballads” such as this 14:28 gem from Nick Cave. Personally, I like this one but not exactly sure why. That in itself is somewhat of a concern. :scream: Hmmm…


Oh man this is a total blast from the past. I totally forgot how much I love Dokken :slight_smile:

On that note here is one I love (not in the same style tho)






Found this guy when i was looking for the original song from Monster Magnet. Sounds almost better than the original!



Dude. There is NO such thing as too much Rush


OK then…couple of my favs.


My question is why wasn’t this Leo’s FIRST cover?





By far one of my favorites and IMO one of their best. Unfortunately Black Hole Sun and Spoon Man get the majority of air play in the states.


You ever see Johnny Cash do Rusty Cage?


Yes, it was a bit of a surprise to see Johnny cover a Soundgarden song but it’s great!


I don’t think there is a Johnny Cash Cover that wasn’t great, Hurt comes to mind the most, I was never big on any one country artist, but his last few covers were done very well, probably adding more to the original than the song itself, and it brought me into learning more about older country greates that I would have totally dissed because of my lack of knowledge and unwillingness to listen .I try to have open ears to stuff I would have shut down in my earlier learning of all types of music. With the exception of totally fabricated 20 person teams to a train wrecked pop song.



I’m lost for words…