What Are Your Favorites In Your Flavor Stash?

This is a continuation from a conversation of a previous thread. It pertains to moving to more concentrated flavors other than the big 3 concentrate suppliers. There was interest in my favorites list. I’m hoping more mixers will share their favorites so those looking to use more concentrated flavors will have more choices.

Below is my list of favorite concentrates. I do not totally exclude the Big 3. Some of the Big 3 is irreplaceable for me. These are what I’ve found that works best for me. This will be a ever evolving list.

My Favorites

(DIY) Milk Chocolate (Flavor Base)
(Flavor Base) Strawberry (Gmix)
(Flavor Base) Strawberry New
(Flavor Base) Vanilla Milkshake (Gmix)
Absinthe (TPA)
Acai Berry (FW)
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA)
Almond (FA)
Am4A (Inawera)
Anise (FA)
Apple Pie (FA)
Arabic Tobacco (Hangsen)
Armenia (Apricot) (FA)
Banana (Flavorah)
Banana (MF)
Banana Cream (LA)
Bavarian Cream (TPA)
Bergamot (FA)
Blue Raspberry (EuroFlavor)
Blueberry (Flavorah)
Blueberry (MF)
Blueberry Extra (TPA)
Booster (Tiramisu) (FA)
Bourbon (Vanilla Bourbon) (FA)
Boysenberry (Flavorah)
Brandy (FA)
Brown Sugar (TPA)
Butterscotch (FA)
Butterscotch (Flavorah)
Butterscotch (MF)
Cactus (Inawera)
Cantaloupe (Flavorah)
Cantaloupe (MF)
Caramel (Flavorah)
Caramel (MF)
Catalan Cream (FA)
Cheesecake (LA)
Cherries (Inawera)
Cherry (Inawera)
Cinnamon Crunch (Flavorah)
Coconut (FA)
Coconut (Flavorah)
Coconut (Inawera)
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA)
Cookie (German Flavors)
Cream Cheese Icing (LA)
Cream Fresh (FA)
Cream Whipped (FA)
Cucumber (FA)
Cucumber (TPA)
Cupcake Batter (Flavorah)
Cured Tobacco (Flavorah)
Dark Chocolate (MF)
Dark Tobacco (Inawera)
Dragonfruit (TPA)
Dulce de Leche (TPA)
Fig (German Flavors)
Fig Fresh (FA)
Flue Cured (Hangsen)
French Pipe (inawera)
Frost (Inawera)
Frosted Donut (TPA)
Fuji Apple (FA)
Funky Pineapple (Molinberry)
Glazed Doughnut (Cap)
Gold Ducat (Inawera)
Golden Butter (Cap)
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA)
Graham Cracker v1 (Cap)
Grape (Flavorah)
Greek Yogurt (Flavorah)
Green Apple (TPA)
Hazel Grove (Hazelnut) (FA)
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS)
Honey (FA)
Honey (Inawera)
Honeydew Melon (MF)
Honeysuckle (TPA)
Kiwi (FA)
Koolada 10% (TPA)
Lemon (FE)
Lemon (MF)
Lemonade (Flavorah)
Lime (Flavorah)
Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) (FA)
Lime Tahity (Distilled) (FA)
Liquid Amber (FA)
Liquid Stevia (Pyure)
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA)
Maple Syrup (FA)
Marshmallow (FA)
Marshmallow (Flavorah)
Marshmallow (TPA)
Melon Cantaloupe (FA)
Menthol 25% (DIY)
Meringue (FA)
New York Cheesecake (Cap)
Nut Mix (FA)
Oak Wood (FA)
Oba Oba (FA)
Orange (FA)
Orange (MF)
Orange Cream (TPA)
Passion Fruit (MF)
Peach (Flavorah)
Peach (Inawera)
Peach (MF)
Peanut Butter (Flavorah)
Pear (FA)
Pear (MF)
Pineapple (EuroFlavor)
Pineapple (MF)
Pink Guava (Flavorah)
Pistachio (Flavorah)
Pound Cake (Flavorah)
Pralines (Flavorah)
Red Burley (Flavorah)
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA)
Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah)
Ripe Banana (TPA)
Rum (Inawera)
RY4 Asian (TPA)
RY4 Double (TPA)
Sour Wizard (FA)
Strawberry (Flavorah)
Strawberry (Medine Flower)
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
Strawberry Shisha (Inawera)
Sugar Cookie (Cap)
Sweet Coconut (Flavorah)
Sweet Cream (Cap)
Sweet Strawberry (Cap)
Sweet Tangerine (Cap)
Tanger (Mandarin) (FA)
Tiramisu (Inawera)
Tobacco DNB (Inawera)
Tobacco Drop Shisha (Inawera)
Torrone (FA)
Vanilla (MF)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)
Vanilla Custard v1 (Cap)
Virginia (FA)
Virginia Tobacco (Flavorah)
Waffle (Belgian) (TPA)
Walnut (FA)
Watermelon (Medine Flower)
Wild Melon (Flavorah)
Wild Raspberry (MF)
Yellow Mango (EuroFlavor)
Yellow Peach (Cap)


Your list of favorites is probably more than my total list of ingredients lol


anything cream and all strawbderry , and cake type , like biscuit etc oh and AP , oh and it wld be easier to say what i dont like

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extensive …:flushed: lol…and they’re just your favorites??
I’d hate to see your draw of flavours you don’t use lol


Sweet Strawberry CAP
Strawberry Ripe
Lemonade LA
Cinnamon Danish Swirl Cap
Any thing sweet

These flavor always seem to find their way into recipes I’m making next.


The stuff I go through like water seems to be:

Capella Vanilla Custard V1, Strawberry Ripe, Capella Yellow Peach, Smooth, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

… and then for me personally being the “menthol head” - Cool Mint and Peppermint.

My staples for accents are:

Cactus, Menthol, Lemon Sicily, Pear

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Best flavors
Sweet Cream
Sweet Watermeon

Kentucky bourbon

Lemon Sicily

Wild Melons

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