What Battery Chargers

Are you guys rockin?!

Amazon has a million different choices- and the search on the forum yielded results from like 2017…

I have a 4 port/slot charger now- and 1 of the ports broke, so it’s time for a new one!!

Thanks in advance crew.



What I know, there are 3 of “the best”

Xtar dragon plus
Opus bt c3100 v2.2
Gyrfalcon (apparently, any gyrfalcon charger are good)



I’ve used (still use actually) both the xtar dragon (VP4 Plus) and the Opus v2.2.

Got almost 4 years on the first Opus, bought the dragon when the LCD finally gave out, and then picked up a couple more v2.2’s on sale. Going on 2+ years on the dragon so far.


Got both the Opus V2.2 and the VP4 Plus Dragon, love 'em both. Had the Dragon about 2 yrs before the Opus and it works almost perfect. The case halves are loose and sometimes the batteries don’t make good contact. Probably a loose screw (not me, the case). I was primarily a Nitecore user but both of these models do so much more than a simple charge.


I still am. As I travel a lot (well I did before Covid), I’d always have a Nitecore i4 with me. Mainly as they’re cheap, reliable and light. Though it must be noted that you have to be careful to avoid tears when charging 21700/20700s.


I run two of these now @D.Sims, and it charges everything from AAA, up to 21700’s with no issues.


You might provide info on what you are looking for in a charger.

Here is some things to consider.

  • Do you want a charger that does everything plus some
  • Do you want inexpensive and simple to use?
  • need Fast charge
  • independent channels
  • seperate channel displays
  • no display at all
  • need a USB output?
  • power converter included?
  • US or European plug or maybe both?
  • need portability?
  • Fan or no fan(fan noise with fan but protects charger by cooling it)
  • electronic beeps or alarms?(some cannot be silenced)
  • shows batteries internal resistance
  • computes capacity

Thanks everyone. I ended up going with this…


My intention is just basic battery charging for my Mod. Holy hell with all the bells and whistles on some of these units… lol

Thanks again!!!


I have two xtar chargers one is the VP4 which I have had for about four years and it’s as good as the day I bought it, the more recent one is the VC8 which is their eight bay charger and is also very good. What I like about xtar is that their chargers don’t seem to get hot like the Nitecore ones do.