What can I make been down since yesterday. Any alternatives?

Title says it all. What can I make function has been down since yesterday. Any alternatives?


Confirmed on Android 4.4.2


The only one I can think of would be to create your own recipe. Maybe select one key flavoring you want to use. Then enter it in the “flavor list” tab using the search function. Next take a look at other Mixers recipes that have used that flavoring. I am firm believer that necessity is the mother of creation, Good Luck & Good Mixing :slight_smile:


That is actually an old version of that page. The new one says:

Temporarily disabled

We’re very sorry, but we have discovered an issue with this feature.

We will bring it back in the future, when we have fixed the issue.

A while ago I did some upgrades on the server, and after that “What can I make” started acting strange. I did some analysis on it, but it didn’t reveal what the problem was, so I have temporarily disabled it, until I figure out what the problem is. I haven’t had time to work on it much.


No worries daath. Thanks for the quick response. I shall have to get creative :smile:

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Next to the “What can I make” button, there’s another button “Search by flavor stash”.