What can I make cached after deleting flavors

Can anyone tell me how to clear my old flavours to stop them showing in the “what can I make” lists?

I’ve removed flavours from my stash, using the bin icon and saved my list. They are no longer showing in my list.

However when i select “what can I make” the results show recipes that include the flavours deleted from my stash.

I’ve even cleared history and cookies from my browser but they still show.

Any ideas?

Edited: just checked and the what can I make list doesn’t now include any of my new flavour stash, just the old one.

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The What Can I Make database results stay static for like 48 hours, so maybe you just need to wait until it ages out and run it again.


Thanks for your help


Wait a few hrs before trying again , results are cached for two hrs.


This is correct! :slight_smile:


Wouldnt it be a good idea to remove the cache when someone add or delete a flavor in the stash, to avoid waiting time in case of someone think is might be a good idea checking what he can make half way through adding his new flavors?

Also, it happens quite often that someone add the flavors using wrong naming/abbr, and then have to wait 2 hours after correcting.



What this guy is saying…

I now have the option of making a new account, or I have to wait two hours. This is because I added like 20 flavours and still the same recipes show up. Pretty darn annoying…

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