What can I make. Help!

I have 56 flavours in my stash, if I click what can I make I get 114 including single flavours. If I click remove single flavours I get 10.
I know there should be many more as I have concentrates bought to make bust a nut and sucker punch and these don’t show up.

My guess is that you inputed selected the incorrect flavors. You need to pick the correct flavor input when adding to your stash.


Make sure you are putting in the correct brand say you input butter pecan praline ice cream by cappela it would read butter pecan praline ice cream (cap)

So at the end of the flavor the manufacturer’s read like this.
Cappela (cap)
Flavor west (fw)
Real flavors super concentrate (sc) (rf)
Inwrwra (inw)
So on and so forth.

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There are currently a lot of duplicate flavors. When you add flavors to your stash make sure to reorder the search by clicking the word recipes and then choose the correct manufacturer with the most recipes.


@Cutlass92 Real Flavors Super Concentrates are listed as (SC) (Real Flavors) and Inawera is just (Inawera)

There are a few good ways of entering flavors.
A) Go to the flavor list and search like @louiesquared says. Sort by recipes and choose the one that is spelled correctly with the correct company format and the highest number of recipes.

B) If you use the box in your flavor stash, make sure you are spelling the flavor correctly, then choose the one that has the highest number (in green) next to it. If you aren’t sure about the spelling you can use parts of words. So if you wanted sweet cream by The Perfumer’s (Flavor) Apprentice you could do swe cre and choose the one at the top.

C) Find someone that you know has a lot of flavors and has them all entered correctly. You can add flavors directly from their stash and then you’ll know you have the right one.