"What Can I Make" List Too Long

Hello i am unable to use this feature due to me having too many returns (1900+). The page crashes on me. Is it possible to add some pagination to this page?


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Yes, I noticed that as well - I’ll paginate it soon! :slight_smile: I get around ~1100 back - @Pro_Vapes gets >12,000 back :open_mouth:

thanks daath much appreciated. I think i should pay that $10 member thingy too as your site is a great help to me.


No worries :slight_smile: It’s just a donation - The only difference is that I’ll remove the ads :slight_smile:

There is now pagination on “What can I make” :smile:

I only get 384 :sob:

Just merged a couple of flavors for ya - you should have a few more now.

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393! Just a few was right, lol.