What can I make page

I’m looking at the “What can I make?” page, and first off all, it says, “The results are cached for TWO hours.” It’s said there are 11 minutes left for days now.

I “think” it’s supposed to allow me to enter the flavors I have and it’ll tell me what I can make. Is that correct?

I don’t understand how to use that page.



@PaulyWalnuts the “What Can I Make” page only works, if it knows what flavors you have first.

Log in to the recipe side, and go to My Flavor Stash, and add your flavors first. Make SURE to click SAVE at the bottom before moving on. Then you should now get results when you hit the What Can I Make.


I just checked, and it does seem to be STALLING for a very long time, something may need to be fixed @daath.


YOU SHOULD REALLY READ THIS FIRST and ensure your concentrates are added correctly in order for it to work.


@PaulyWalnuts it looks like the issue has been resolved, the What Can I Make is working again. Add your flavors to your stash, and try it now …


Wow, cool, thanks! I wondered what all the (TFA, Flavorah…etc.) was about. Great article!


I find it interesting that when I select certain flavors from my stash, then ask what I can make, it often shows no one has used those ingredients in any recipes.

Query. Both [Butterscotch Cream Pie (WF)] and [Cheesecake (FW)] have a warning sign to the left of the items. Can I find out what that warning is? All I can find on google, is that they contain nicotine. I didn’t think flavors themselves contained nicotine.


The google, seriously :joy:

Click on the flavor name, slowly scroll down and you’ll see the specifics. Really look at that page carefully. Click around and you’ll come to realize the power of entering/choosing the proper name.


Usually a clear sign you chose the wrong name, and did not read the link I posted


Not to be insulting, though, right? Actually, I read between 50 and 75 books a year. A clear sign I’m retired.

My stash is shared. You may look at it if you like. (Actually, please look at it to help me, instead of insulting my intelligence…) I entered Chee, and it came up with cheesecake (FW) and there were 4721 recipes. I just looked at the bottle and it says, “Flavor West, Cheesecake Flavor.”

Of course it’s entirely possible that I misunderstood something in your guide, (And I’ll look at it again) but it’s equally possible it was written in such a way that it is EASY to misunderstand.

Or as an employer once told me, there are 2 sides to every story and the truth usually lies in the middle.

Now… I’ll apologize for insulting YOUR intelligence AFTER you apologize for insulting mine!

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Do tell, what am I doing wrong?

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Yet I followed the same instructions and came up with 6.

Well, that guide was not written by me.

'Nuff said :blush:
I won’t be looking at your stash, and there are many others here that will offer assistance.

@PaulyWalnuts not sure how much granular detail you’re needing, but you have the warnings displayed. If you want more details, you’ll have to locate the SDS for the flavors, which aren’t always easy to come by.

Wonder Flavors doesn’t have the most detailed info …

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I find the function useless anyway as it only offers up 2 flavor recipies unless im doing it wrong but it has full access to my stash but i dont need it and its prob easier to search what your looking for or follow mixers and copy theirs if your not sure what to make tbh :blush:


Try excluding the flavor names option. That will show you recipes that use any blueberry instead of the blueberry (LA) in your stash. Just using blueberry as a generic example. You should get more recipes that you can sub for the flavor manufacturer’s that you have flavors for in your stash.


The reason is that there are 5k flavors of major brands and that people can add their own flavors (and thus many newbies add their own flavors, not knowingly that they should never ever WRITE their flavors, but only SELECT one from suggested options, because ALL their flavors are already in database.

A common sense: If you write your flavor, instead of select one, then that flavor will obviously not have any recipes shown and that makes that flavor invisible for find-me-a-recipe option. Thus always select, never write your own (Always. No, there are no exceptions for this).

Next, if someone used a recipe with another sweetener, then that recipe will not show to you despite having all the other flavors or despite you don’t use any sweetener at all in your mixing. If someone used Apple Pie (Cap) and you have Apple Pie V2 (Cap) or V3, that recipe will not show despite noone would ever taste the difference (figuratively speaking). If you have Banana Cream DX (TPA), then none of 70,000+ recipes with Banana Cream (TPA) will show up.

There is an easy way to (partly) overcome this problem. Add into your stash

  • all sweeteners
  • add all similar named flavors of the same brand (like Apple Pie Cap and Apple Pie V2 Cap and Apple Pie V3 Cap; or Banana Cream TPA and Banana Cream DX TPA, etc). It might not be exactly the same recipe, but most often noone could taste the difference and especially not a rookie.
  • this one is tricky for a newbie (so you rather ask and people will help you); add similar tasting flavors of different brands too (like if you have Bavarian Cream Cap v1, you can also add BC V2, BC TPA and BC DX TPA, BC FW, BC JF, BC FA, and all the other brands. Same for custards, marshmallows, meringue; it won’t be the same, but at least you’d have something that you can mix or get an idea what it may work; you can learn a lot from this). Just note, this rule works purely for creams and custards and definitely not for fruits or nuts or tobaccos). Often creams with different names can be switched, like Sweet Cream for Bavarian or Fresh Cream or Cream or… (but again, experienced users will tell you which ones).

If you do this, then with maybe 40 flavors you’ll suddenly have shown thousands of recipes instead of couple of dozen recipes. Large majority will suck, but some won’t and more importantly, you might learn a lot about what authors direction was, why did they use particular flavor, learn about quantities used for each flavor, you’ll get ideas for your own creations. As always in life, some have a talent and time and will and they will become true masters in a year (ask @Lynda_Marie), some will never learn.

All info are here Vendor Info
(take it more like allergy notifications for food rather than poisons; generally should be avoided Fructose, Vitamine E and in larger quantities oils, Furfuryl Alcohol, but everyone has their own opinion about this)

Don’t always believe Google.


She’s pretty good at finding good, dirty little Johnny Jokes!

Okay, thanks, y’all!

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I made my 2nd batch last Friday.

I call it M&M (The band, for the Malted Milk,) WC Fields (The comedian for the white Chocolate) and General Custer (American General in the Civil War…for the custard.)

Foreign Countries probably know more about American politics (Based on the Baby Trump balloon) than Americans. I know you have a parliament, made up of the House of Commons, House of Lords and the Monarchy, but only because I read so much. Favorite. Ken Follet.

Anyway, back to the recipe.

Nicotine juice 100 mg (100% VG)

PG dilutant

Ml Grams %

12.60 13.06 21.00

VG dilutant

42.00 52.97 70.00

[Custard Premium (FA)lavor-FA]

1.80 1.80 3.00

[Malted milk (TFM)]

1.80 1.80 3.00

[White Chocolate (Flavorah)]

1.80 1.88 3.00


60 71.51 100

What think ye of this?

First batch I made made was Malted Milk, Milk Chocolate and Custard. Total flavoring was 7%.

I didn’t use any sweeteners but I thought it tasted pretty good. Do y’all think sweeteners would make it better? I kinda figure the chocolate…etc. has plenty of sweetener already. "specially milk chocolate.

I think I saw that the average was 9%? Gotta do more research on that.

Oh, and come to think of it, Google may not be perfect, but she led me here!