What can I make page

Several of them have only a couple dozen recipes attached, but I didn’t see any that had more. And they were all long lists.

Must still be doing something wrong.


The ones in the screenshot look good to me, I checked the first few and they were good.

Like you said, some flavours only have limited recipes because:

  • the flavour might be a newer one (last couple of years or so)
  • it is just not a popular flavour
  • there is more than one version of the flavour (make sure you’ve entered the correct one as per the label on your bottle & that can sometimes also be an issue if the retailer has not specified - I have had that issue & you may need to chase it up with the retailer, or read the recipe notes to confirm you have the correct flavour added to your stash).
    Eg: Coconut Candy - There are two by TPA - and a difference of 13,000 recipes :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Do you have the DX or the other one?

Also there have been multitudes of New flavours release just in past few years so some may just not have many recipes and if you have two or three flavours like that in your stash, it may reduce the number of total recipes collated by What Can I Make because no-one has made a recipe with that combination of flavours yet. But you can be the First!?! Yay! :crazy_face:

All the reasons I have listed are why it is critical that we all enter our flavours correctly, if the database flavours are incorrect, it will never be able to give an accurate list of recipes for specific flavours.

As for your Flavour Stash - you can allow others to see your flavour stash by ticking the box as per this screenshot (blue tick)
Then scroll to the bottom of your Stash and Save.
Other members will still have to be logged in to see your stash.
You can also copy the “link to public flavor stash” and paste it here and it will link through but only if your stash is ticked to “allow others to see”.

I have made mine public and linked to see if it works (it does):

I hope that helps some for now :+1:


Excellent instructions @Sevencasper :grin:

Also, don’t forget after you type your flavour in and get the results to click the blue “Recipes” text at the top of that column. That will make sure the flavours with the highest recipes are at the top.


Thanks Ian. :joy: I never do that! ha, that would be easier!


My coconut flavor is the DX from TFA.

I think I’ll remove several flavors, and re-enter them.


I mean “i” understand what its for and how it may be helpful to a LOT of people, i should’ve said …i haven’t found much need for that particular function tho many prob rely on it


I don’t use it a lot, mostly when I get new flavours so I can try the new ones in a recipe. Once I think I know how they “play”, I just make my own recipes.
Or adapt other recipes with the flavours I have, even if they’re not an exact substitute.