What can i make with these?

I do about 90% vg 10%vg, with 12mg nic.
I have tfa berry crunch ceral, pomegranate, honey, cubano, ripe strawberry, and sweet cream.
And fa forest fruit.
I like the forest fruit with sweet cream. I would just like some % to go off of with 12mg nic. Either i got a crazy throat hit from nic with the ripe strawberry or too much flavor, honey tastes like catpiss and i hear cubano tastes like leather. Lol lemme get some % and recipies!
Thank you!


Go to the recipe side of the forum, under “user” top right hand corner, click on “my flavor stash”. Add the flavors that you have there. Now, under “user” again, click on “what can I make?”.

About the throat hit, if you are not using nicotine salts, 12mg nicotine is going to give you that kind of harshness but I could be wrong because I’ve never used 12mg before. Another thing is it could be that your nicotine has gone bad.

Also, this is a good place to start

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tough to make a lot of things with just those flaves , but try

Berry Crunch @ 4 to 5pct
Strawberry Ripe @ 3ish
sweet cream @ 1 to 1.5

steep 3 to 7 days , no promises but with those flaves this wld be my first attempt , your right about that honey though , just the smell made me fear honey flaves all together lmao

also try to combine that forest fruit and straw ripe with sweet cream and without sweet cream , them do the same with the pomegranite combined with strawberry etc just keep playing with those with different combos and percentages


been working w/ berry cereal, 4 good but lil fruit too much cereal to me, added rasp inw .3 It was decent enuff but thinking sweet cream sc rf 1.5 so mixed that tonight, see in a week


Ive done 4% berry ceral, 2% ripe straw, 2% sweet. Tried doing a sweet strawberry crunch. Its not too bad but its like a weird mix. Since its been sitting a week the cream came out which isnt too bad. Ive been really liking forest fruit with sweet cream and pom also, just trying to get more feedback


your very limited with only those flavors , it seems you may have a grasp on what can be done with them already …

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i havent used the berry cereal in a while , on my last order i ourchased 60ml bc i had been craving it … what percentage are you using it for the top note ??? id really like to recreate a crunch cereal vape

It’s there @ 4% but lacks the fruit, i taste raspberry the most so that what i added to spruce it up. just started tinkering tho by adding the sweet cream

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I think at 4% its not too bad. I need a 12mg nic simple recipie though. Its so much different trying to follow a 0mg recipie when you want 12-18mg.

if you add the recipe in the calculator and change the Nicotine strength it should work it all out for you…

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Yep, adapting to your nic is easy enuff, not sure if u knew but this may help ya Beginner's Guide to Using The ELR Recipe Calculator

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I can change the nic strength easy enough and keep all the percents the same with my recipie maker. But lets say i do 90vg 10pg with 4% forest fruit and 2% sweet cream 0mg nic. If i do the same % at 18mg nic its not going to taste the same as the 0mg due to the peppery nic taste and throat hit. When i do my 18mg mixes the throat hit is harsh using the same %.(i do shake my nic and every ingedient very well before mixing) so i up the % a tad. But sometimes i overpower the flavors

maybe its time to try a new Nicotine , peppery taste sucks weather its from a flavor or nicotine … try PurNiC from nicotine river

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I would really want to get my equipment and nic firmly set before I would try DIY. I would vape 100VG starting at 18 mg and see if the TH disappears. If the nic can be tasted , it would tell me the nic’s bad. If I detected TH, then the nic’s is not a good match for me. I would look into other nic alternatives.

I got it from wizard labs and i had to remove the child proof top because it got stuck lol when i shake it it usuallly doesnt leak but you can see it when i unscrew it. I keep it in a dark cold closet and shake out the hotspots. Its 100mg strg vg but it could be bad either way i needa use it up ill try 100% vg and 18mg nic in a few days

Your nic will expire quite fast in the closet. imho
Most people keep their nic frozen as close to 0 degrees as possible. You just pour out what you’ll need for a few recipes.
I bought 2 gallons back in 2013 thinking I was going to the next level of selling my juices but didn’t in the end. Point is, that good nic is clear, clean finished and gives enough throat hit to mimic smoking. If you really can’t tolerate the nic in your mixes then make a single recipe at a higher percentage with a strong flavor you can use when the nic craving hits. Take some puffs to curb the craving and your jangled nerves and then back to a vape 6 percent or less to enjoy puffing.
If im going to be out where it’s not easy to vape or a break is really short I use my medicinal vape to kill the cravings.
One more thing, that level of VG is really hard to get flavors to blend and absorb into the base. There should be a really long steep given to get a good amount of absorption for the flavors. High VG should have little to no throat hit and be all clouds.
I mix 60/40 for many good reasons.


So i rewicked my coils and after a little over a week of letting my 4% berry crunch 2% strawberry ripe and 2%sweet cream steep, it doesn’t have a bad throat hit at all. Just dont really like the combo much. It might take a little longer for the cream to come out to its fullest though. The berry crunch from tfa just gives off a weird flavor when i solo mix it or make a recipie with it. I might just not like it lol

In my experience berry crunch, pomegranate and Forrest mix, even at low percentage have a throat hit. Adding high free base nic on top makes the issue worse.

Now I’m not excluding that your nic might gone bad, but I would suggest nic salts if you’re planning to vape at that strength.

Or grabbing some more creams and sweeteners to mask the harshness a little. Forrest fruit if you use that at 4% needs to breathe. I’m not a fan of that method and you could just let it steep out, but I could see why it’s harsh after a snv or even a week lol.

Another question, sorry if it’s already answered, I might have missed that, what’s your setup? (Hardware) it could be the issue as well, if trying to vape 18mg in a sub ohm - dl setup at higher wattage etc.

I have a devilkin mod and i use the geekvape peerless rda, the dead rabbit rda, the prince tfv12, prince tfv8, the baby prince, and the uwell fancier rta/rda. I vape anywhere from 75-120watts dual coil .2 ohms. The throat hit for my 12mgs isnt bad its when i do my 18mgs.

keep in mind the tpa sweet cream has BA in it and takes some time to steep that puke smell out , that cld be the funny taste