What Can I Make?

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I’ve been very keen to use the What Can I Make function, but after entering all of my concentrates with correct names, the results are no matches? Is it currently working?

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Strange… when you start typing the flavor name, do you click on one of the names in the drop down menu? I used that process on creating my flavor stash and it seems to work for me. For instance, I’ll start typing the flavor Strawberry, and Ill see something like “Strawberry - The Flavor Apprentice / The Perfume Apprentice”. After clicking on it, It adds “Strawberry (TPA)” to my stash…

It’s working, but if you don’t have many flavors (that fit together), there won’t be many matches - I have 170 flavors, and I get ~520 recipes back - when I remove the single-flavor-recipes I get ~360 recipes back - and I bought concentrates specifically to cover many recipes (that I wanted to make) :smiley:

You probably will get more matches, once I go through all flavors and merge duplicates and fix them. That’s quite a humongous task though, so it might be a while…

Pro tip! When I add flavirs - say I wanted to add “French Vanilla Deluxe (TPA)” I enter “fr va de tpa” in the field and select the first entry in the auto-complete drop down :smile:


I have about 30-40 flavours and I get about 10 recipes that I can make that are not my recipes.

Could you make it more strict and not allow user to input their own text, instead only make selection via the auto complete. There is only a certain amount of companies and flavours, but spelling mistakes are comnom :wink:

Yes, the most important task in the near future, is doing something about all those duplicates - Cleaning up in them, and limiting what people can input!

If you have few results, I’d use the flavor list and double check that you picked the flavors with the most recipes! :smile:


Thanks guys :smile:

Yeah, I’ve tried typing the flavors in and picking from the drop down list. First method was copying and pasting the names from the manufacturers, then I started editing “concentrate” out and so on. Still not getting results, but will play around with it some more.

@daath Awesome site! Just wanted to say thanks!

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I come up with hundreds of recipes and I’m pretty sure the reason is because I usually do not add vendors to my favors. Keep in mind that there’s many people from all over the world using this website. They may buy from flavor companies you do not have access to. Just because you can not buy the exact brand name flavor does this mean that you should disregard their recipe. No, of course not. You may have to substitute, or maybe a little tweak but a good recipe is a good recipe. You may even improve the original…

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When I have re-worked the flavor stuff - “What can I make” will have an option to ignore the brand… :smile:


I’m sure flavour companies can be added.

To me, not adding vendors is a mistake. I wouldn’t even bother trying a recipe that does not include the vendor.

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Many agree wholeheartedly with you sublime. Guess I’m one of those who like to play. Honest truth I rarely use a recipe I find just as written. It’s that creative bug I got in me. I tend to read other recipes for ideas, not necessarily the recipe itself. Being I blend for my shop I kinda feel it’s not quite right on my part to use others’ recipes for my profit. Soooo, I sleep better at night doing my blending as I do. Sometimes I hate the fact I can not blend just for fun…

I don’t disagree with you in using recipes for ideas, I do that myself. I also look at multiple recipes to guide in flavour percentage use.

The problem I see is flavour concentrations vary. Using Flavour Art Pomegranate is going to be different to using Flavour West Pomegranate or TPA Pomegranate, I’m sure some would spot it, and say that’s way to much or that’s not enough, some might not.

Yes, I do that also. I VERY OFTEN look at others recipes to get a idea of percentages I want to use in my recipes. And yes, if you want spot on you will have to use the same juices. Different companies flavors are rarely the same taste…

I do the Same thing I like to look at flavor % and see ideas of different flavors but I do agree with Sublime I tend to stick with a recipe if I’m interested in one I want all the ingredients to make it. Like the VC rant I was on yesterday bugged me I did not have what it called for lol. but I will say when I’m just playing around I’ll make it with what I have on hand but somewhere in the back of my mind I know I’m missing that x ingredient. Mind tricks.