What Chocolate/Chocolates to order?

I could recommend White Chocolate MB. Pretty good.

@ladycrooks you may want to check Noted on YT to find out what chocolate exactly you are looking for (Milk Chocolate is here), but there are also some older episodes like Chocolate Cakes, Chocolates Cookies, White Chocolate.


GREAT linkage @mikser !!! A plethora of great notes. Thank you.

Chocolate Milk DIY Flavor Notes:

Tip: Folkart suggests adding sweetener to chocolates, will improve them. Emily likes too use CAP Super Sweet as the little bit of malic and citric acid helps the chocolate further.

Herrlan Choco Shake:
Chocolate covered pot pourri. Made ID10-T gag.
Tested at 2%.

Herrlan Shokolade Voll Milch:
Thick and chocolate-y. But tasted a bit like a fart! Also like a really old, musty prune covered in chocolate.

FW Milk Chocolate:
Perfumey and chemical nail polish type off notes. Very sweet. A bit neauseating. Tastes very dark, but not like chocolate. More like sugar mixed with used motor oil. Really dry.

CAP Double Chocolate V1:
Doesn’t taste like chocolate. Not even chocolate adjacent! Non specific fruitiness, some actual dirt and a little plastic-y.

LA Chocolate (Colourless):
Some chocolate, but buried under a lot of cardboard.

VT Swiss Chocolate:
ID10-T got indistinct fruitiness, sweetness, and dirt. Maybe some raw cocoa in the back. Emily got bright fruity sweetness, but no dirt. Got some chocolate, but not good.

INW Milk Chocolate:
The old formulation was great. But the new version is really bad. Tastes like a Band-Aid.

TFA Milk Chocolate:
Creamy and thick. Really unpleasant burnt note. No chocolate. More like watered down burnt caramel.
Tested at 3%

INW Chocolate Cream:
ID10-T got a bit of darker chocolate, but mostly burnt caramel sauce. Folkart got more of a burnt coffee. Has a nice cream. Not a chocolate.

Gremlin Juice Chocolate Overload (oneshot):
Mostly Tootsie Roll with a bright fruity sweetness, dirt, cocoa and cardboard.

VT Chocolate Base Clear:
Folkart and ID10-T got Tootsie Roll and pretty heavy chemically off note on the finish. Emily thought chocolate note was good. But a bit dry and powdery and touch of fruity sweetness.
Tested at 2%. Folkart tries to keep it below 1%.

FA Chocolate:
Very fake chocolate. Tastes like Carob chocolate. Cardboard-y.

LB Chocolate Roll:
Tootsie Roll.

TFA Milk Chocolate DX:
Pretty similar to original, but the burnt notes were stronger. A little more of a butiric note. The actual concentrate is a lot darker than the original TFA Milk Chocolate as well.

TFA Double Chocolate Clear:
ID10-T gets mostly melted Tootsie Rolls. Can be made to work if used in the right application.

JF Milk Chocolate:
ID10-T thought it had fairly mild milk chocolate note. Him and Cheeba got plastic-y aftertaste. Emily got good dark, semi sweet chocolate, but turns dry and powdery. Didn’t get any plastic.

WF Chocolate Chunks:
Mostly dark chocolate. Has almost hard shell texture which separates itself as a chocolate chip or chunk. A little dry.

WF Nanaimo Bar:
ID10-T got fake chocolate and coconut. Folkart really likes it. Has a slight coconut note and a peanut butter vibe, really good chocolate.

CAP Double Chocolate V2:
A lot better than V1. A little like a fake chocolate sauce. Very thick, very flavourful. Lingers. Chocolate a little artificial. A little darker than milk chocolate. Has bit of a nutty note.
Tested at 2%. Would use it lower in a mix.

Euro Flavors Milk Chocolate:
Weird. Sharp and tangy with a little bit of a funk to it.
Tested at 5%

Euro Flavors Chocolate:
Not a milk chocolate, darker. Not terrible, but not good either. Dry.

DEL Milk Chocolate:
Not much flavour at all, barely anything. Not really any body either. Even at 8%.
Tested at 5%, 6% and 8%

SA Chocolat Au Lait:
Thick and milky. Nice milk chocolate note. Unfortunately has spoiled milk funk right on the end.

Club Der Dampfer Club Aroma Milch Shokolade:
Very dark chocolate. Tastes pretty authentic to dark chocolate liqueur. Some creaminess and boozy note, even after it’s steeped for a week.

TFA Ruby Chocolate:
Has hint of milk chocolate in background. But mostly tastes like white chocolate blended with raspberry. Red berry sweetness. Really nice as a SF.

MB Glamour Chocolate:
Has distinct, prominent hazelnut note right up front. ID10-T gets more hazelnut than chocolate. Between a dark and milk chocolate. Creamy. Tastes good.

MB Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk:
Chocolate note quite light and milky. Peanut butter tastes more like peanuts. Overall a bit dry. Nice full, heavy mouthfeel.

MB Bounty:
Really good. Decent chocolate. Really good, prominent coconut note. Probably same coconut as MB Palm Coconut.

NF (Nature’s Flavors) Chocolate:
A pretty good chocolate note up front but is a bit tart and has plastic-y off notes. Missing some creaminess. A little dry.

MB Chocolate Custard:
Like custard or pudding blended with Hershey’s syrup and dusted with dry cocoa. Cocoa on top with Hersey’s syrup and custard in the middle and a rich, custardy finish. Not bad.

VT Chocolate Custard:
Emily likes it but gets slight sour, tangy note. A little like sour milk. The chocolate note is really good. Almost like the chocolate note in VT Devon Cream. More of a thick cream than a custard.

FLV Milk Chocolate:
Hershey’s syrup rather than a milk chocolate. Good, rich and thick. Very potent, can be hard to work with. Could make a dillution as easy to over drip.
Potent. 0.25% can be enough to overpower a mix. Cheeba has used it at 1.25% in a tobacco mix.

HS Australian Chocolate:
A good dark chocolate that’s a little oddly nutty. Sour, but not unpleasantly so. Reminiscent of Hershey’s Special Dark with some indistinct roasted nuts in it.
Use around 0.25-0.5% to accent other chocolates. Any higher the nuttiness sticks out. Around 2% it’s really sour and nutty.

VT Chocolate Mousse:
Like dark chocolate whipped cream or frosting. Creamy, dairy. Light and fluffy whilst being rich. Darker than milk chocolate. Not very bold, even at higher %s. But has depth.

CBV Shokolade:
A good dark chocolate. Very full and thick. Almost like chocolate cake. Very reminiscent of FLV Chocolate Deutsch, but without the coconut. A little powdery and dry.

Tasty Puff Chocolate:
Fruity sweetness. A bit of a plastic off note.

Tasty Puff Chocolate Creme:
A good, deep chocolate on a nice, milky cream base. More milk chocolate. The cream has a dairy note, but isn’t sour or butiric. Chocolate is pretty mild, but good.

Bakers Flavors Chocolate Truffle:
Might be ID10-T’s all time favorite chocolate flavour. May have a coconut note at higher %s. Very nice, bold dark chocolate, like dark chocolate frosting.
Very potent. About 0.75% is good for use as a SF, very full flavoured. Needs a bit of a steep. Otherwise has a bit of a throat hit.

FE/ SC Milk Chocolate:
Pretty accurate milk chocolate. Thick, creamy feel. Very sweet. However a bit light, not super flavourful.
Has a slight chemical off note at 2%. Unbearable chemical taste at 4% and sweetness is a bit fruity. 1% very weak in flavour. 1.5% to maybe 2% may be optimum.

LA Chocolate Natural:
CONTAINS SUGAR, NOT SAFE TO VAPE. Similar to FE Milk Chocolate, but more flavourful while still being a little soft. Very sweet. Pretty accurate milk chocolate. Wrecks coils.

ASM (Eisaromen) Kakao: (Abbreviated to ASM on ATF)
Like Nesquick chocolate milk, but dry and powdery. A touch darker than milk chocolate. Would probably work as chocolate milk in a mix with some work.

HS Chocolate Cream:
Has a light chocolate note. Very rich and creamy. A little bit of an authentic dairy twang. Needs more chocolate to be a chocolate milk or milk chocolate.

VT Devon Cream:
Has a really great chocolate note and a rich, full cream. Really rich, thick and creamy. Similar to HS Chocolate Cream, but has bolder chocolate flavour. Bit of a darker chocolate then HS.

VT Chocolate Milk:
Top heavy and thin. Up front is authentic rich, creamy chocolate milk note. Trails off into bit of a mess with faint bitter, musky note. Mixes well with OOO Chocolate Milk, which is bottom heavy.

OOO Chocolate Milk:
Thin, bottom heavy. Top note almost flavourless. Then get watered down choc milk. Gets stronger and finishes on good choc milk note. Works well with the top heavy VT Chocolate Milk.
Weak. Not super flavourful, even at 8%.

MB Cocoa Milk:
Pretty good. Has hot chocolate vibe. Light Cocoa type chocolate note. Most prominent note is a really good milk. Nice thick, creamy, milky. Not sour or butiric. Needs more chocolate.

DIYFS Choco Milk Shack:
Cheeba’s all time favorite. Like Ovaltine. A bit of a darker chocolate. Very thick and creamy. Really smooth. Not dry. Delicious. Great balance between chocolate and milk.


Here’s a Great Milk Chocolate base mix,

Folkart recently talked about this mix on the Developed Show,
( staring at around 53:50 in the stream)


It better be good. I’ll save my last drops of Dark Chocolate MF for this recipe (but need to order that Cocoa SSA first).


Your in the UK ???


Since 2004!


Keep in mind this is not a recipe per se but a base to use in a recipe, which was the challenge. Not meant to be a “Chocolate Milk” recipe but more a “Milk Chocolate” that can be used in a recipe :ok_hand:


I just found it for 32.95 for 15mls! That’s insane idk if I am willing to bite the bullet o that


All flavors are always cheap, flavorful and available. Unfortunately you get only two of the attributes.

So, if it’s flavorful and available, that’s the case here.


It’s 19 bucks from Medicine Flower,

not sure on the exchange rate or shipping…
but I would say if you’re not willing to put out for the Best, end your search for the best choco . . . . .


That a 30ml price…Remember though that you will never need to take this flavor over 1pct …0.8 is the highest ive taken it and thats a in your face Choco . Compare using something at 3 , 4 or 5 pct with off notes etc you saving money using MF


My only problem with chocolate (well, now I found a half decent one with FA) is the gunk. No matter the brand, whether white, milk, dark (tried everything above except Flavorah - so I guess that is next) my coils get so gunky after a tank or so with anything chocolate in it.

Might not be a problem for some people, and I know the sugars and sweeteners used can be a problem for some, but not for me. My problem is looking into my tank after one week and seeing my lovely coils look like I been smoking mud on them! I love FA Chocolate, but get ready to frequently change them coils!


Most times, the gunking is equal to the darkness of the flavor. FA’s Choco and Cocoa are indeed both. Clear(er) chocos won’t gunk like that.



Oooh purdy. I will certainly add some MF to my list for my next orders. That description actually ticks all of my personal boxes!


the best chocolate i’ve tried was from Virgin Vapor - Death By Chocolate - long time ago…
anyone knows if they where using the MF one ?
otherwise, i’m looking for a dark bitter chocolate, any clue ? , not sweet…


Is this the same as Kais Virgin Vapor ?? Kais is known for usimy MF flavors . I am not sure if this liquid uses the DC


yes Kais Virgin Vapor, at the time they send me a free sample of this Death by Chocolate, it was insane, so chocolate ! the only time a vape something i can call dark black chocolate.
i tried to order MF chocolate dark, 22$ (- 10% - thanks to MF) and 61$ shipping (I’m in Nepal) for a 15ml bottle, so total more than 80$ … a bit much isn’t it ?
i might try FA chocolate and Cocoa, and maybe the choco mousse from VTA… will see …


Try Dark Choco from VTA it is close enough I guess


i have time before my next order, i put it on my wishlist, thank you fidalgo


Knowledge store :slight_smile: Thanks for the information and recipes. It was very useful for me. :innocent: