What Cotton Do You Use and Why?

Wow, that is just crazy! I was the one who introduced the owner of my local B&M to Shiseido pads, i wouldnt be able to keep my mouth shut were they to do something like that. i understand the need to make a profit, i have no problem paying a few bucks more for hardware to support local business but that is insane.

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Getting dry hits with rayon is close to impossible and unlike cotton you can dry the wick to the last drop. Most probably you didn’t wick it correctly. Rayon should never be fluffy, it should be tightly packed. Every time I hear stories about dry hits and some horrors with rayon it turns out people are wicking it like cotton - it doesn’t work that way.

Once you get your wicking right, you will never get back to cotton.

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I’m finding that “Puff” cotton to have a bit of a taste to it, even muting flavor…have you experienced this?

Bout to pull the trigger on some of that Shiseido from Nordstroms…hopefully that’s better.

Anybody have any other links to more bulk cotton good for vaping?

I’ve been using the Puff cotton since about March of this year; can’t say I’ve experienced odd tastes or muting of flavors. Perhaps, I’m just used to the nature of this cotton having used it, exclusively.

One day I’d like to try this guys cotton:

Probably can’t any more natural than his stuff. :wink:

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I have tried the gamut, except for hemp and have settled with Cotton Bacon and now Cotton Bacon v2. I like the flavor it allows from my mixes and I can get it “on the fly” at any of my local brick and mortar stores for a decent price.

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I never really seeked out a specific type of cotton. I have used cotton balls to organic japanese cotton. Today I ordered Cotton Bacon V2. I should of had more focus on a particular brand because some cotton I have used I could definitely taste it in my vape. Very good thread and a eye opener for me.


you will love the cotton bacon v2, i already know…


I have to agree with this myself. I have tried all kinds of cotton and recently Hemp and Cotton Bacon V2 is my preference as well. I purchase online as the local shops are double the price.

I have also looked at this and sounds like good stuff but have not bit the bullet on it yet maybe one day soon.

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I’m trying to remember the ELR member that bought a sample pack from the Cotton Man, but the name escapes me.

It would be nice to hear from someone that has used it and if it is worth the cost. I re-wick a lot because most of the flavors I like trash coils with gunk rather fast.

I had ordered some Ko Jen Dough (I know, that’s not how you spell it) and the day it arrived, before the mail ran, I went to my favorite vape shop and picked up some Cotton Bacon V2 since I wasn’t sure when my Japanese cotton would arrive. Got home and wicked it…fell in love and the Japanese cotton is still unopened from the supplier. Once in a while when I wick with the CB I can taste it just for a hit or two, then it goes away. Mostly though I hardly taste anything and when I do it’s brief and very slight.

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Found the convo about Cottonman:

Looks like @Whiterose0818 might have the answer. :thinking:


hah! perfect timing! i tried several of the cottonman wicking cotton samples and was honestly only impressed with 2 of the 12 he sent…so i just cast it aside and i am pretty much just been using cotton bacon v2 and koh gen do cotton…the reason is i have been strictly a tank user as of here lately…
if/when i ever get back into drippers, i will probably do Nativewicks, Drago egyptian cotton, cotton bacon v2 and koh gen do japanes cotton…
and trust me, i have ran many many tests…the ones i have mentioned are DEFINITELY the ones to be using! or at least to be seriously considered and used!
if there are any doubts, cottonman.com will send you his sampler of 12 different varieties for really cheap!

EDIT: i rewick a lot also


if you use koh gen do, you will get much better results if you remove the outer layers first…the cotton becomes MUCH more absorptive…i promise you this!

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The CB v2 I have I taste very very strongly for a while. My japanese cotton I can’t taste… Weird. Might be the package? I have another CB v2, so time will tell :smile:

I’m gonna try this with the amazon Puff cotton, with the $5 for 5 cotton I was using I only peeled one side (previously both until I saw the Scottish - roll method).
These Puffs don’t really have a scab/skin side and it pulls apart well…but it’s just not wicking well, half my dual coils are dry hitting and I get a cotton taste upon rewick…Nordstroms is on the way, and I’m really hoping this has been what I’ve been vaping for the last year.

I’ve never heard this before. I did hear that V1 was that way but I never used any of it, just V2. I wonder if you got V1 in a V2 package.

Could be - Sounds strange though. Might also just be a sub-par package…

Ok, went old school, all 2014 on it, peeled both sides and Puffs vapes better now…no cotton flavor, no muting. And both sides are equal in juice flow. …I’m happy now, til Nordstroms arrives, atleast for now.