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What do YOU do, to extend your Nicotine lifetime (if any)?


You may have something there. The nic originally in the bottle was 48ml. Now I’m using 100ml. I’ll check when I get home.

It is LDPE and seems to be holding up fine. No moisture in the zip lock at all. Thanks for the advise!



250/500ml 72mg PG bottles in the freezer. nozzles so can go straight into wide neck bottles then back in the freezer they go.



I break my nic down in 2 oz glass bottles which I fill very close to the top. Use cone caps. Keep in the freezer. I use pg based as it wont expand much. I will mix the whole bottle when I take it out of the freezer. 2 years in and the nic is clear and has no peppery taste. I have not used a test kit on it but from look and taste it keeps very well with this method.



Break mine down into smaller containers upon arrival. All bottles except one goes into the freezer (door compartment) and a 30ml glass bottle i keep on hand aka in the fridge.

This bottle i take out an hour (half an hour during summer) prior to mixing juices for friends or my husband, due to the fact that mine is vg based and without that process, a pain in the butt to accomplish.

I do the same with my vg and pg tho, because i dont like it standing on my desk etc. Only thing i dont store in the fridge are my “regular” flavors or well the cheaper brands.



I just put my new nic delivery straight in the freezer and don’t break it down until my existing break down runs out…if that makes sense?

In other words once i’ve broken down the first litre I have enough small bottles to just freeze my next litre delivery whole. I’m aiming to become totally lifetime self sufficient. My last litre was 200mg.ml and i’m trying now to find a source for something a bit stronger as it cuts down on space :slight_smile:



I’ve got a sample bottle of nicotine coming this week from a supplier I haven’t used before. It’ll be a 30ml bottle so my internal debate is: do I freeze it in the bottle it comes in or do I decant in to the amber glass I have available which is a 50ml. And therefore leaves a 20ml air gap?




I use mine up to fast for it to go bad = I chain vape like a steam engine :slight_smile:






My first answer normally would be rebottle and store in the freezer.

But who knows what kind of packaging it comes in, if it comes in a good sturdy container that might look like higher grade plastic, like nicotine river ships their stuff in, you theoretical wouldn’t need to rebottle the 30ml.

I personally still would fill it at least into a better plastic bottle ( even if it’s just a sc twist top, or simple gorilla bottle) , if it comes in some kind of flimsy weird packaging and store that bottle in the fridge, it’s just 30ml and you probably run through it quick enough.

I would be too paranoid, filling and storing it in the glass, due to the 20ml gap. Unless you’re not opening it often, and want it in the freezer, then of course glass is the better option, hands down.



@BikesAndBacon I am assuming it’s in a glass bottle already ?? If so, and it’s air tight, I would freeze it up.