What do YOU do, to extend your Nicotine lifetime (if any)?

Started thinking about this when reading a recently bumped NIC thread, and thought a poll would be interesting. This isn’t really about prepping/hoarding, but more of a general, what extra steps you buy/use/utilize when you buy your NIC.

Check ANY/ALL that apply, Multiple Choice !!!

  • Store most, if not all Nicotine in the freezer.
  • Religiously break down all shipping containers into smaller glass bottles.
  • Purchase Nicotine topped off with gas (Argon, etc.) like Nude Nicotine Armor 1.
  • Purchase Nicotine topped off with gas AND special sealed inlet like Nude Nicotine Armor 2.
  • Purchase nicotine with Ascorbic Acid added like Nude Nicotine Armor 3.
  • Typically just leave in the refrigerator.
  • Life’s too short, just leave the Nicotine in a drawer, on a shelf.
  • What’s Oxidation ? Is that a bad thing ??

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Oh, and sorry, this was NOT a shameless plug for Nude Nicotine.


Ok… so you made me pull out my titration kit! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just tested some100mg/ml RTS nicotine which has been in my freezer since 7/1/2016. The 1 litre bottle was half full of nicotine; plain old air was in the bottle w/ the nicotine. It was totally clear and titrated at 105mg/ml. :thinking:


Like a boob, I have straight kept mine in the freezer for almost 3 years. Ran out of my PG based, and turned to the two 125ml VG based ones, which are still good, but a hassle. Try and get me to do more than that is just wishful. I should put them in smaller containers though, in that aspect I have failed.


I buy the 250ml bottles . The extra bottles i keep in freezer , once ive opened one i just keep in fridge with my flaves


All in the freezer for me.
Not sure I would invest or even believe in that NN Argon gas. Wouldn’t it
off-gas as soon as the cap is popped?


It shouldn’t since it’s heavier than air. Use the same thing for expensive wines, but you do have to reup them every time you pour a glass.

In response to the survey though. I decant into 120 ml bottles and keep 1 in a dark drawer and the others in the freezer.


It depends what you get @TorturedZen. I’ve tried both the Armor 1 which is just topped off with gas for storage, but once you open and break down, it’s gone, and the Armor 2 which is gas topped, BUT has a special cap/seal where you extract the NIC, and air never enters the bottle. They cap the max bottle size, as I believe it creates more of a vacuum as you draw more NIC out. Armor 2 is billed as a long term storage AND daily use at the same time. Probably not worth the money, but I’ve still got a few Armor 1’s on ice.


Would you re-order once it’s gone? And do you find enough value in it versus standard nic? Just curious.


Yes. Maybe NOT the Armor 2, but I like to keep at least (2) Armor 1’s in the freezer, along with my non gassed NIC, just in case I have some “troubles” obtaining NIC.


Could you tell me where you got the titration kit?


Easy to use; you don’t need a degree in chemistry to test your nicotine. :hugs:





Thanks, it’s appreciated.


Thanks. Hopefully I can get them to send it to me.


I do break down my nicotine in small bottles but I don’t use glass. I’m too paranoid I’m going to drop it and when that happens it’ll be a whole lot of mess with all that glass.


I only buy 60ml at a time. Divide it in half leavivig half in the original container and the other into a 30ml plastic bottle. Then they get stashed in the fridge.


I buy NR PurNic in Nicsheild, 250ml 100mg 100% VG. One in a cabinet, easy access to mix any time. One in the freezer. The NicSheild is describes exactly like Armor V2. Argon with a self-sealing orafice reducer.


I don’t know what strength NIC you buy, or what type of plastic bottles you are using, but if you have any glass bottles with good conical seals laying around, glass is typically far better for NIC. Doesn’t mean you’ll blow yourself up with plastics, but glass rules, if you have any.


Lol I’m not sure what type of bottle. I got it from another shop with 30mls of nicselect nic. So I’m guessing it’s fine. All my glass bottles the dripper tops really are terrible and leak.
Ps I also keep them in plastic bags

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@Stankhammer Say no more. You have the wrong bottles !!! It’s up to you how you store it, but once you get the right caps/seals, amber glass helps stop UV rays, and the glass will stop any leaching from plastics, or air from seeping into your container.

It’s one thing, to mix up a 30ml LDPE bottle of juice and run around with it for a while, but if you are using 100mg NIC like I do, it’s a little rougher on containers (and more expensive LOL).

Amber glass with good caps with poly cone seals won’t let you down.