What do you prefer?

what do you prefer dripping or using a tank? I personally am loving dripping.better flavor and more vapor.plus I enjoy building coils and making my own juice.just find it easier to drip new flavors to tweak them.thoughts or opinions?

Depends on my mood… I love the flavor of my drippers - and the huge clouds they can produce. But I also like relaxing and just vaping something on one of my nautilusses, no huge clouds and decent flavor. These last few days though, I’ve been blown away by the Goblin. It’s like a dripper with a tank on top!

I’ve come to find lately,I just use my tanks while driving.otherwise all in with dripping.Just my opinion, tanks and droppers both have their pros and cons.Just have to find your comfort zone.also noticed since I went to almost dripping most of the time I greatly reduced my nicotine level and am enjoying the flavors more.

I’ve kinda moved into the realm of using my drippers for tasting new or experimental diy mixes. Once I know it’s a keeper, I’ll mix up a 50 or 100 ml batch and load 'em up in my tanks for all day or evening pleasure without having to fiddle with a bottle. The nano set up on my Billow is much like what @daath is talking about; tastes the same or better than dripping.

99% of the time i drip, i run single coil build @ .3ohms on 316L SS wire. I recently got my mother a couple of isticks and she gave me back my old SVD. Yesterday i rebuilt a coil for my Aerotank Mega and threw it on my SVD, ive been vaping on it since. It is kind of like hanging out with an old friend.

Not sure how long ill use it but i have definitely missed it. It is the only regulated device i own and my first mod, tho when i bought it i used it with an Igo-W.

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I was dripping for flavour all day long, but then I tried Goblin and now rarely use RDAs…

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I’m tanked… ever since I got the billow which lasts all day @ work and the silverplay There like drippers with a tanks on them I drip @ home and while testing new flavors

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Since I can built sub ohm on my kayfun, I now use it while at work or in the car, otherwise I drip!

Just to add to my post, i am really surprised at how much im enjoying my Aerotanks again. For the longest time i was building them at .6-.7ohms and they were meh. Now that i have rebuilt the coils to 1.8ohms and am using them on my old SVD @ 12watts im loving them. Sure the flavor is a bit muted compared to dripping but my modified based provide enough airflow to produce some decent flavor.

Ive got one full of Nutty Cookie and one full of Night Shift. I may start looking into a better tank, this makes all of my RDA’s very sad.

For me it’s about split down the middle. I change flavors on a whim with my drippers and the Freakshow is my go-to RDA. For tanks…well I’ve all but stopped using the Atlantis. It was ok for a while but after getting the Joyetech Delta II, the flavor is so good that I get really disappointed when hitting the Atlantis. I would be interested in the Goblin though since it keeps getting such high praise. Where’s the best place to get one?

I suck on Protank style clearos throught the day, in the evening I often drip.