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What do you really hate?


That would definitely be a way to make a @SmilingOgre

An all you can eat buffet


Oh ya!

Well tweedle dee, tweedle dum
Look out baby now here I come
Get ready cause here I come!
Oh if you want to play hide and seek…

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I really hate lowe’s Employees…

Lowe’s hires people with no experience in the construction industry.
And these employees are supposed to advise people really…


Guy in Lowe’s told customer that this stuff is trash and just flaps in the wind…

Cost me $1000 this week because customer believes what the kid in Lowe’s said… because he’s a Lowe’s employee and knows what he’s talking about…


I hate bad English. Got this email from somebody trying to hack my PayPal account. Says it is from PayPal

Here is the message:


We uncover some unusual activity related to your account.


Your contact information has been update, Kindly review your account account now for restore.

Confirm the transaction below



PayPal Fraud Department


sounds like a reply from FastTech


That’s the first mistake!
As a rule, these people (BestBuy, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears Hardware, etc etc) are just paid stock clerks.

While misdirected, I totally agree and feel your pain though. But honestly, IMO, you should be pissed that your customer is an idiot, and doesn’t believe the word of someone that makes his living dealing with these materials day in and day out, over the clueless stocker.

This isn’t the old days where ex-mechanics retired and decided to help out at the local auto parts place! Hell, you can’t even get good help in Autozone these days! (Napa is pretty much the only reliable help in my neck of the woods anymore).


I am a kitchen designer at Lowe’s. The last kitchen remodel I sold was for over $60K.

But for the most part, I agree with you.


Yea but customer is from the generation we’re people working in building materials or auto parts had experience in the department they work…

After I calmed down I called the Lowe’s manager and complained…
I honestly feel that if their employees don’t have experience in that field they shouldn’t be giving professional advise… manager is going to have a talk with her employee’s specially when I said I will be referring my customer to homedepot for their other projects such as paint and flooring they want to do next week…

Going to talk to customer later and refer them to homedepot… at least ken the guy in the lumber department has experience in construction and has worked at homedepot for as long as I can remember…


for their future projects it’s going to cost them to go look at it …

Drive : 2hrs round trip
Roughly $30 gas


And where do they “keep you”? Ahhh that’s right, corralled up in the “Ask the Experts” section! :wink:

I bet you don’t make what “they make” either though! grins


I spent 3 freaking hours on the phone today trying to login my business acc., my bank Xenith merged with Union and I got to go thru my asshole to get to my elbow , just to see my accounts. I mean , I got to have a special digit number, than they call me with security number to punch in, than log in with PW, but I got to call and wait and listen to there crappy advertisement for a hour or so till someone answers the phone, there has got to be a better way, I DID CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE, and it was’nt pretty. I will call back today with a different attitude !!!

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“Engineered for Climate®” Hoe can you even register a trademark on a common phrase like this…

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Don’t know if you guys across the pond have gotten hit with the phone scammers that present themselves as “Microsoft Security”, but it’s another one to look out for. They call claiming that your computer is infected with a virus, direct you to a website and then take control of your PC and basically blackmail you for the return of your system.

I’ve known a couple of elderly people that have gotten bitten by these lowlifes and can only hope that there is a special ring of Hell waiting for them when they shuffle off this mortal coil.


I believe this happened to my father recently, and he was an electronic engineer before retiring many years ago.

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That’s shitty. My mom got one of those phone calls, luckily she hung up on them and called me(The joys of being family tech support!) When I told her it was a scam, she started telling everyone she could think of. We live in a small town with a LOT of retired folk that have computers for keeping in touch with family, but they don’t know squat when it comes to security. I think the scammers just go by area code or something, because I got 3-4 calls from them myself. I usually try to keep them on the line for as long as possible, because I figure the longer I keep them occupied the less time they have to try and scam anyone else.


They went for my mother. Took them a while for them to try to explain to her how to open internet explorer… on the attrocious gnome 3 Debian I had for her at the time. I still enjoy thinking about her telling them, but the internet thing is the iceweasel…

( My momma is so unable to use a computer that she ran on Debian, right. Still struggles a bit with anything but email though )


I fecking hate spam, scam, and just plain bullshit calls. I’m up to 4 or 5 a day in the past 6 months - and blocking the numbers doesn’t do a damn think. You’d think the two or three area codes they use would run out of numbers (you know, until you remember there’s like 10 million numbers in each area code)

I also hate that I typo ‘think’ for ‘thing’ pretty frequently.


Damn shame !! What really sucks is after it’s been reported and documented. And the scammers know when that happens, that it’s time to change phone number, email address & where there located. People are so trusting/gullible they fall right into it. My step grandfather back in the early 80’s-late 80’s( had money,very comfortable didn’t want for anything) all the time doing the Publishers Clearing House thing. He had received a (signature required piece of mail) one in particular was to send $25,000 (the return was triple the money back as soon as he sent and they received it)
Now I’ll say that my stepgrandfater was a very wise, trusting individual (except for this time) To his bank he went along with the paperwork to pretty much brag and have them take a look at these “legal papers” the financial institution had advised him, to not mess around with this proposition. Especially from a “lady” from Nigeria. So he did anyway because he trusted everyone. Needless to say he sent the full amount and after some time never heard back but did find out he’d been Scammed. Too late now.
To look at him he was a rough looking, bicycle riding, dumpster diving he was extremely book smart but sadly common sense he lacked all together. End result was, oh well pretty much. He trusted everyone, just the way he was. The only thing he did different from then was to not use any Banks other than cash his retirement checks. Navy, National Guard, County woker for 30 yrs. And owned some assets. When he passed there was no money to be found anywhere just the paid off house and laundromat and other deeds. The Will only listed the properties etc… No Money,CD’s no investments. 1 of the prime properties was left to me, before I had the house and foundation bulldozed down. We broke out the metal/treasure detectors and really searched the whole property a few times. We knew there was money somewhere and decided to think about what or where would it be. Figured since he was a backwoods country boy there would be Mason Jars scattered around. That’s just something he would’ve done. No Luck though, I guess we were trying to put a puzzle together that we were missing pieces too. Even after he passed away he still received mail sent to my stepfather and Mothers house from Publishers Clearing House, Sadly I’m sure they received money from him too. Just thought I’d share


Sorry he got caught in that one. I got a call from Jamaica years ago and I’m like “I just want to hear what the accent actually sounds like, I have to answer this.” Well, the accent was a total letdown, for a start, and he starts talking about the Publisher’s Clearing House and I’ve won like 10 million and I’m like “You do realize your number came up Jamaica, yeah?” and he says “You do realize we’re an affiliate?” I laughed for a couple seconds and hung up.

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Thanks @Ailith if I would’ve saw that Jamaica was calling come across my ID I more than likely would’ve answered too.
Love there accent, food (esp.) and the island.


calling tech support for some of these phone companies is enough to warrant insanity. Spent almost two hours trying to get “Kevin” and “Elizabeth” who are clearly in India, to understand that the phone is dead and not a battery or charging problem as the battery is reading fully charged. I’m waiting on a call from a tech supervisor, probably “Hank”, “Steve” or some other American-friendly name to call me back. They actually wanted to know if the dead-phone number was the best number to reach me at. Outsourcing customer service just pisses me off!