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What do you really hate?


I hate it when you spring the extra $35 usd to get an item sent from China via DHL and they dispatch it to a town by the same name 1546 km and two states away. MANSFIELD VICTORIA YOU DOPES. DHL FAIL but well done getting it to Australia in 3 days


I know how you feel there. I got an order before Christmas that made it from China to the uk in two and a half days. It took it another week to get from there to Ireland.


i know this is a little obvious but i really hate testing single flavors , i think i hate it so much because when i first started diy i didnt test anything and by the time i started SF test i was over 100 flaves so not only did i go back and test those i had to keep up with the new flaves i was buying


amen to that,brother


it drove my girl crazy that there were so many liquids she couldnt touch lmao and now with RF its the same thing and she really wants to try the rootbeers


You need to get yourself a man cave with a big padlock lol


ya i know i had a storage room dedicated to my vape stuff but it doesnt have heat and i was cooooold this winter


You have to be willing to suffer a bit for your passion lol


that is the truth and i am right now with these New Flaves they smell great excpet a couple even the coffee smell so good i want to make a cup of coffee out of it lol


I mixed mine last Saturday and I haven’t touched them yet. I have an rda coming soon hopefully, especially for the job. I don’t even drink coffee so that’s one I would be trying lol


I hate when I order from a company called FASTTech, and they are more like SLOWTech (I knew it would take a while from China), and so much so that my beloved (in stock and ordered) Coffee Steam Crave RDTA when OUT of stock before my order got fullfilled. Still waiting… Great prices, great selection IF they can actually put in an envelope before it goes OUT of stock.



I hate when I order from Fasttech and they ship the item to the USPS in China and it takes 11 days to “process through facility”. Makes me wanna punch babies… HARD!


I hate it when so many drivers seem to be low on blinker fluid.
IT’S FREE AT AUTOZONE!! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s quite a route they picked for your delivery lol


I’m not a hater… buuuuuut…

…actually, I love cats… they taste just like chicken; splendid meat replacement in a General Tao or Jerk recipe. :smiling_imp:



That is called a wife :innocent:


What do I really hate? Comcast. Comcast. Comcast.



I really hate people who use the phrase “hater” instead of working on their own flaws/ shortcomings.

Just read your post, this isn’t about you JSUK.