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What do you really hate?


About a week ago I made my first order from Fasttech, new mod + atty + other stuff and paid about $20 for fast shipping. I just checked how my order was going and it hasn’t left the shop yet because one of the minor items was not in stock.:angry: My fault, I’m unfamiliar with the website and didn’t know that some of the items listed had to be ordered in before shipping and I should have checked the order progress ages ago. I hate waiting!


Facebook! Ugh! Why the fuck do I even log on there anymore?!! I think I just cussed more in one fucking sentence than the average person cusses in a week because of the dumbasses there… SMDH.


This is my only social media and the ppl here r much better than ppl I legitimately kno that I would have to deal with on FB. Reference the type ppl I mentioned above. Those ppl live for FB and disinformation. Fuck all of that.


Yep! CCMA since ‘08. And I worked for about 4 years at an orthopedic practice. :smiley:


I hate it when people post a recipe that only has one ingredient. It’s bad enough when they do it and name it after the flavor used, but it really pisses me off when they call it cereal milk and all there fucking is in it is 10% Bavarian cream. I can understand single ingredient recipes, sometimes simplicity is just as enjoyable as complexity. But make that shit private. 'Cause you ain’t being original or innovative.


I can see your point of view on single flavor recipes but…

The new guy just starting out my not know what % of sweet strawberry to use in a single flavor mix…

Back in April when I ventured into DIY

Without single flavor recipes I probably would have thrown all the flavors I ordered from nic river away. Since I couldn’t find anything on nic river site about mixing %. Even checked cappella , the perfumers apprentice, flavor West. And I think I had a flavor art flavor also…

Thx to single flavor recipes I was able to figure out a starting % for flavors.


That’s what the flavor list is for and learn what the flavor is supposed to taste like at different %s.


But what if the flavor list has nothing in notes for single flavor and no information filled out for single flavor recommendations

Like so

I had a few flavors I ordered that were like that. But I did find a few single flavor recipes that gave me a starting point

Edit. When searching recipes there is a nice check box . That will hide single flavor recipes…


Probably means either you have the wrong one or you have to do some testing for yourself


Woftman, yea I had the wrong one then , I know that now but just starting out and new to the site… didn’t

And that’s the point someone new don’t know these things and single flavor recipes help them…

Honestly , if I didn’t have the single flavor recipes to start with I probably would have thrown everything away. And would have said f this and went back to cigarettes.

Single flavor recipes are a good thing. They kept me away from nasty cigarettes…


Can I get an amen…!


Facebook is kind of dumb but something everyone referes to, even stores and company’s.
Having facebook does not mean you HAVE to USE it :wink:

I have a profile on there but i logg on once every 4 months, i never realy use it.


Oh totally! I hardly get on there ever anymore. Makes me want to hurt people…lol
My husband gets a little butthurt sometimes when I don’t go check out his posts…I just laugh and tell him I’ve got better places to be. (…elr :wink: )


Best part is, the most recent one was the old, discredited Popcorn Lung one. Woman reposts, tags me publicly AND she is a smoker!! The propaganda on Facebook about EVERYTHING is part of the reason I don’t even use it anymore unless I get a tag or something.


Glad you stuck around @tartarusspawn!



Me to


Got to give an extra like for the Hofffffmeister!


Didn’t realize this was a bother. I will mark all my single flavors private right now.


I really hate when I get all motivated to clean my kitchen, but I need a cup of coffee to get me through, and then the coffee grinder gets jammed and I end up having to do grinder surgery…damn all these addictions keeping me from being productive… :angry: :laughing:


I think the ‘‘What do you really hate’’ is the most funny topic!!