What does it mean? -"DEVELOPED"

On some recipes I see the word “DEVELOPED” in the title. Does it mean that the recipe is the final version not to be tweaked?


Developed is a YT show , they give mixing assignments and people leave the name developed so they can be found by the guys who do the show . #Developed 100 was the last one they did


@fidalgo_vapes Thank you. What is a “YT” show.

edit:. YouTube duh


You Tube …They are live on Thursdays and have some pre recorded shows on Tuesdays…Good Group of guys , they are stuck in their ways but give descent info .


I will try to watch a rerun. it sounds like a great idea.


I find the Developed shows very useful and informative. I like the fact that even though they often do live shows with chat they don’t do shoutouts unlike some others and they stick to the task in hand whilst still having fun with a bit of banter between themselves. They seem to be very nice chaps and I have grown fond of them and their shows. I have particularly been enjoying their best of different brands and their recipe reviews.


@fidalgo_vapes Thanks for the info. I haven’t watched many Youtube mixers in a while, so I might check it out.


out of all the “Youtube Celebs” out there, I don’t mind these guys… The southern guy said this in a show and it was my theory for the however many years I’ve been into this hobby and it was, “Don’t waste your time solo flavouring everything, add it to a mix of flavours you know how they work, you get a better understanding of a flavour when you see how it interacts with others” or something to that effect and it’s nice to know someone agrees with me. They also mentioned about not following the “less is more” crowd because as most people learn, that’s bullshit and won’t say anything because pack mentality and egos are high in the DIY crowd, everyone’s got something to prove it seems.


Imo, “less is more” is just another aphorism like “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. It’s applicable some of the time and depending on circumstances. Yeah, I tire of these carved in stone attitudes. Sometimes more is better :wink: