What does PGA mean?

Ok every where I look I cant get any black pepper flavouring not in canada at least I want to crush 2 black pepper corns make it myself but I keep reading about people using (PGA) what is it and would you make a 3ml or a 5ml or 10ml with 2 peppercorns (black)? Has anyone heard of this being successful?


Pure Grain Alcohol.
(Think Everclear and the like)

It’s another one of the ways that people have used to thin a mix (instead of PG for instance) over the years.
Same as those that tried water.
Just other alternatives.

If you use water or PGA, use it extremely low (drops) to start, or you can ruin a mix fast.


I’m not sure about it. But I would like to learn more about this PGA. Thank you so much!


I have sometimes seen the term used incorrectly to describe VGa and PGa. the ‘a’ is for aqueous: adding tiny amounts of water to the blend - under 0.4%. I think only Decadent Vapours used the term AG for aqueous VG.


Well what’s the ratio on something like I want to pull off?? 2 crushed black peppercorns and like idk 10 drops of pure grain alcohol. So like vodka? Can we even buy 100% vodka here? Or would it have to be diluted? So many wonders!!! I can’t stand it . I want black pepper in my custard today. I need to figure this out.

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If you’re trying to add a pepper edge to a blend, you could just steep peppercorns in PG. I tend to use cheaper commercial nicotine if I want to quickly add a peppery aftertaste.


Whatever you do, do not put the crushed peppercorns right into a mix, they contain things that cannot be vaped, like pinene, limonene and myrcene (essential oils). It sounds like you want to be doing what @SquirrelSmash says and soaking them in PG to extract the flavour.

I guess a look at the NET part of the forums could give you some idea?