What else can I add

Hi everyone, just recently started on the DIY juice journey. I am from Australia so it’s diy or don’t vape at all (complete vape ban coming). I am an ex smoker of nearly 25 years, vaping for the last 4 years. Currently adding 6mg freebase nic (100mg/ml)

I have updated my stash for what I have now. I am about to order the following:

FA Mango Indian Special
FA Blood Orange
Capella Juicy Peach
TFA Pina Colada
Capella Golden Pineapple

I’ve only ever vaped iced mango by chef vape (independent maker I think) so other than that I don’t have any other preferences for flavours.

Any advice on flavours to add or delete? I just want a variety I can play with.

Thank you all so much!


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome to ELR @Bron, and very sorry to hear what’s going on down with you guys as of late. I can’t vape cooling agents, so I can’t help out much in the quest for Iced Mango. What I CAN tell you is, a VERY good Mango is Flavor Express Mango.


All good flavors in your order, imo. I would maybe swap the Cap Juicy Peach for TPA Juicy Peach, as I have both and TPA is much more to my liking.

Mango Indian special is my most used mango to this day, even with all the new ones that came out.

Cap Golden Pineapple is good, but nowadays I prefer a 1:1 combination of INW pineapple and VT Sugarloaf pineapple.

If I was you, I’d order some sweetener, and an emulsifier. Capella Super Sweet for sweetness, and TPA Dragonfruit as an emulsifier (or as a flavor it’s dang good too).

Then mix yourself some tropical juices!

If you’re a mango fan, this is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Mango mixes, made by id10-t. Unfortunately it’s not on ELR, but here is the ATF link: Tamamango - View Recipe

Lastly, I must say don’t buy flavors on a whim, but look for recipes that appeal to you and buy the flavors to make said recipes. Seeing something you think might be good, could maybe not work with anything in your stash, so you’d be stuck with a useless new aroma until your next order. Oh and don’t forget to do single flavor tests, to properly taste your flavors alone, so you will know what each can bring to a mix.

Edit: Oh, and WELCOME! :sunglasses::tada:


If your in Australia i would go to Liquiddiy.com and grab the Duomei Mangoes…I believe they have 3
Also Flavorah Mangos are good.


Good catch @fidalgo_vapes.


Welcome to the forum @Bron from a fellow Aussie,
You can use the “what can I make” function n the recipe side too.
It will use your stash to produce a list of recipes you can make with what you have in your stash.
It’s an easy way to start…

If you go to your Flavour Stash, you will see the button as pictured below:


Oh and if you have questions, sometimes a search of the forum can help with an answer quickly, especially for us down under, as often not a lot of ppl are here during our “daytime”.

It is more active here in our PM, well has been for me in any case.


Thanks for your reply. I do have super sweet. I did want the TPA juicy peach but they were sold out. No doubt I’ll more flavours at some point. I am actually a cake maker too so the unwanted flavours will end up in cakes and icing lol.


Thank you for your reply. I will at getting this one. I don’t know why I like the mango so much. I’m not really fan of eating real mango.


Thank you for your reply. I have been looking through the what can I make recipes. I’ll be trying some today.