What flavor did you think you would never vape?

What flavor / flavor profile did you mix for shits’n’giggles that you never thought you would like? And love?

For me today, after a full mixing session and rebuilding coils I have found a new love for pinacolada. Normally I would think yucky. But I am loving it today.

My next flavors coming up are pistachio and a seperate mix of red licorice.


Oak (FA). I mean seriously. Who vapes wood? I do. LOL


Cactus, lite but strong.


Everything I vape… No really not a fan of most flavors I vape… Don’t eat it but I’d vape custard if I only could choose one
Had a pina colada flavor in a line I received, the custard I anticipated was beaten out by pina colada and a tobacco blend, the two I wasn’t expecting to care for.

I almost bought the Rosemary from Inawera. Put in and out of my cart three times but decided I couldn’t do it. I’m still leery about breaking away from traditional eat/vape differences. I did vape Cognac flavoring from Inawera, which to me vape-tastes spot on to drinking it. Too bad I don’t like cognac.

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Banana, though it’s not my fave I don’t mind it once in a blue moon. It’s not as horrible as I had in mind

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Hate fresh grapefruit, Yeaugh!
Vaping on the other hand is great?
Go figure?

Peach, tbh.

I hated every peach liquid I tried when I began vaping, just weren’t for me. My partner used to vape one called Capote, which had peach in the mix, and I hated the smell of it. One day I bought a bottle of juice blind though, without checking what flavour it was, I sampled it in store and said, yup, that’s for me. Turns out it was a Peach and Mango yogurt, called Annex, and it was delicious! I couldn’t get enough of the stuff, pity it was a ‘premium’ high end priced juice , so it was a bit of a treat now and then. Now I’m DIY-ing, and have my own peach and mango yogurt [Long gone day, look it up, try it, enjoy! :smiley: ] and I can make 300ml of it for less than I used to pay for 30ml.

It’s one of my ADV nowadays.


Flowers for sure. Never thought I’d enjoy vaping things that were so floral, but I do. :smiley: I know people have been cooking with stuff like rose and lavender and I love jasmine tea, I just never thought they’d be good vapes.

For me it was both peach & banana.

Banana for sure! I hate bananas and I am ambivalent about banana candy, but I love banana vapes! :slight_smile:

I’m vaping my version of EWS’s Castle Long Clone and I was just thinking “Wow, this kinda tastes like a tree but I love it so…” I definitely have to concur. I love some Oak Wood and who woulda thunk inhaling wood would be so nice. LOL.