What happened to the crown coils!

Hi all!!

I am moving out of state in a couple weeks and due to the fact everything is packed and I don’t want to deal with the hassle of building on the road, I wanted to buy a pack or 2 of crown coils (.25) to make the trip easier. The odd thing is… they have disappeared months ago!!!

I have always purchased them from ecig.com because they are by far the cheapest around. The thing is, they have been out of stock…for months!!! I tried a few other places that have decent prices, like vaperoyalty.com, but same issue… out of stock for months?? I can’t seem to find anyone talking about this or any information, what-so-ever, on why no one stocks them anymore?? I feel like I am in the f’ing twilight zone and I am the only person on the planet that has noticed?

I suppose I could buy them direct, for almost three times the normal price or a few other sites, I do not trust, that are selling them for like $4…for one individual coil!?! Um, NO! I am not that desperate!!

So after checking a handful of my trusted sites, daily, for months… I am at a loss. Has anyone else noticed this? Does it have something to do with new regulations overseas, preventing US buyers from stocking them? I have bought these coils for years (before I started building) and sure they have been in and out of stock, but only for a week tops. I can only guess, that the places I do see, have them in stock because no one is stupid enough to pay their insane prices, so they just can’t move them. I mean $4 for 1 coil is pretty damn steep!

I have a little more than 2 weeks left and I suppose I will have to either deal with it and build while I am on the road for a few days or just not vape for a few days. It’s not the end of the world but it would be so nice to just pop a .25 coil in while driving.

I did talk to ecig via online chat on wtf is going on and all he told me after checking their “system”, was he doesn’t have any info on when they will be getting them… :rage:

I thought I would make a desperate plea to the ELR universe and see if anyone knows anything or knows a source that’s $8 or cheaper.

Danka :sunglasses:


If you don’t mind getting them from UK you can get them here.

I found them at a trusted vendor and edited out the first places i added.


Is this the right kind?


Element has super fast shipping and great service too.


Pretty sure both of those links are for crown 1 coils

Subtank Supply looks to have a 4 pack for $14 I haven’t looked any further - I PIFed my crown II ages ago - i am not sure you will find the coils super cheap any more.


$8 or cheaper. Hmmmm I wish. The cheapest and in stock would be vapor DNA at 14. https://www.vapordna.com/Uwell-Crown-Replacement-Coil-p/crownc.htm

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If you are after crown 1 and dont mind buying from china elegomall has them for $6 (of course you would have to add shipping. and the price is cheaper once you log in)

They only have 10 packs left of the .5 and 10 packs of the ni200

They have no stock of crown 2 or crown 3 coils.

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Thanks everyone. Yeah I have been getting them for $7.99 for years, plus 10% off via ecig. If they were 86, I would get them for 8.99 at my other places, so I just can’t see myself spending over $10 but I suppose if I want them bad enough (Which I don’t hehe)

I’ll check these links out and if you good people say they are legit, I may grab a pack. WAY too many fakes out there and I don’t shop around enough to know the difference.


**And yes, the OG crown

I buy the authentic ones from Fasttech and they’ve always been fine for me. Never gotten one that tasted weird or burnt.

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Don’t they take about 4.5 years to ship? or was that another place I am thinking of? I have up until the 19th, before I become a country trucker :wink:

I guess I have been too spoiled these last couple years with ecig’s prices :frowning: I’ve been holding out for months, just waiting for the bastardos to get them back. Now I am limited on sources/time

ejuice direct they are 11.99 in stock ships in 24hrs and they are in the US @DarthVapor memorial17 get you 10pct off today so a little closer to 10

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As long as what I order says in stock or ships next day and I do e-packet, I’ve gotten my order in two weeks. Probably not quite fast enough for your needs, but worth a gander once you have a permanent place to ship to. :slight_smile:


It says I don’t qualify for this code? Thanks though

**Ejuice only I guess

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im sorry , you have to register for an account maybe ??? i havent used them for awhile i only bought aspire cleito .4 coils and the og crown coils , i first used them to buy a juice called vape flakes by ruthless along time ago lol

I just saw on their home page that it’s for ejuice. I am going to give ecig another week and if they don’t have them in, I’ll go for one of the other expensive places. It just sucks because I have a 25% off coupon which would put them at 5.99 a pack.

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do you use the rba at all ?? ive found it just sucks completely so the crown is my last tank i buy stock coils for btw wish i could buy them that cheap i i always thought i was getting them at a good price from ejuicedirect lol

I have tried the RBAs repeatedly with zero success. I bore the juice holes out and everything, but the bitch just leaks or burns!? Frustrating!! So I have been building on a Griffin, Hastur and my Kayfun. I haven’t used any stock coils in a while but I still have issues finding a perfect vape on my builds. They’re not bad but they aren’t what I am used to with the stock crown’s. I love those .25s!! That’s all I used for years, so it’s hard not to.

I do have a handful of the crown’s Ni coils, from all the tanks I bought. I suppose I could use those for the drive, but I am too afraid to use them. You have to love the ironic logic there!! I am too afraid to use something that, may or may not be bad, but I never thought twice about smoking for decades! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and too spoiled as well right lol i feel the same way about the crown and cleito its hard to fins a better vape then those tanks


I also have a bunch of stock coils for the TFV4 I won. The problem is, is all the triple coils leak, and when I say leak, I mean the entire pos tank empties out into the chamber immediately?!? The quad coils dont leak, if I soak them in juice overnight but I can’t get the triples to work. I am now out of the quads but still have a dozen triples. Smok and I have a very bad relationship and their RBA leaks on me too.
I think they gave me a defective one, since I won it. Lol

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Mount baker vapor might still have the dual coil rba for the tfv4 for 50cents

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