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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Lolly’s vagina ownership lol :grin:



I’m also proud of @Lolly’s, -well, actually there’s no way to make that sound OK.


Simply a PSA
If you also would care to be a 'proud owner-- @Lolly
You can have your own. Sold at the mall, at costume stores [Halloween], etc.
And they sell the ‘counterpart’ too. Different sizes for your convenience…
from face warmers to OMG… Also sold discretely online.
I don’t know much about the particulars as I have no need for either…
both have been nothing but trouble for me over my 75yrs.


Intrigued, but too scared to google :laughing:

It’s so lovely to see you around Ozo!


Thank you, Darlin’
Not so sure about hangin’ 'round some of
the threads, seems like more of what I bowed
out and away from initially.
I am getting too old for my humor to be understood
by the younger folks, but I seriously enjoy what
little I have to contribute helping if I can.
As the work it took, back before the www. to write
my dissertation, libraries, books, micro-film, typewriters,
etc. [before most (history-medical-and the like), no google,
no desk printer, NO CORTANA OR ALEXA…OMG !
I highly doubt that my dissertation would ever be accepted
today in this (new) world of curriculum.
Thinking caps have been replaced by group peer pressure.
Old school trades have been lost (for the most part) to
the digital sectors [3D computer printers come to mind].
Many things are an ‘improvement’, but so many more
have caused us to pay one helluva social price.
I won’t even start with how giving first-graders psychotropic
drugs have played their part in the minds of our youth,
and the reason(s) for it.
In my selfish way, I am glad to be old, not that I don’t
heavily worry for others.
Anywho, face warmers…
[and I best not post a pic to the 'counterparts , eh?]
Edit: from above^^^^ [before most (history-medical-and the like)
[before most books (history-medical-and the like) were re-written]


So true that !! Myself old school machinist, 40+ years of it, not many of us left, I make things that can’t be bought off the shelf, custom jobs, old school job shop, build custom machinery for industry, marine, agriculture, logging, and anybody that walks in the shop with an idea!! I make it happen !!


There is still a lot of machining happening. There are at least 3 shops around where I live doing custom parts and they are very respected for their speciality. I am not counting the large companies who also do metal work.

Except for the custom motor parts, the other two mostly do custom sheet/plate cutting and shaping, which might be on the small end of machining. Pretty much everything is computer controlled.


yes there are a lot of weld shops around here and I am also one of them, I do a lot of repair work, but most of it is new and custom jobs. I have shears, plasma’s, press brakes, pipe rollers, ironworkers, lathes, milling machines, tig.mig.stick machines, my front shop is fab shop, my back shop is machine shop. Sometimes I do have to make multiple plate shapes, I do that with mechanical shear and plasma tracer, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Cold roll steel, mild steel, brass, bronze, cast are the materials I work with and sometimes china unknown, I use no CNC machines cause each job is different, always a different set-up, I did recently install DRO on my lathes and milling machines and so glad I did, it takes some (a lot) of the math work out and better on my eyes !! money well spent.


I’m smiling today because we just found out we are having our 3rd Grandchild!! It’s a boy :two_hearts:


I ordered a 30ml bottle of Butter (FA) from DIY Vapor Supply then realized, after the fact, they had Cream Whipped (FA). I asked them if I could add it on to my order. I didn’t see their email reply instructing me how to do that till it was too late. Today I opened my package and saw that they put a 30ml Cream Whipped in the box for free!


Humor never gets old or goes out of style. Get your ass back here :grinning:


Smiled big time today after noticing i FINALY gotten my wikking right on my Kensei RTA :star_struck:
Yep, thats like almost struggling 1 month with wikking and leaking issues …:triumph:


Took my daughter to the circus last night, it was pretty cool :sunglasses:… made me smile :blush: as far as I know there will be no more performing elephants :elephant: after this year


My first shot at making Caramelized Banana and I actually like it! I was inspired by EpiClouds. Don’t know if I could call it a clone because I don’t remember exactly how it tastes.


I’m glad you didn’t give up :+1:


Will they be going to a sanctuary? What happened to its tusks?

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I am finally smiling now that I was able to reset my mixing laptop. After the window update the desktop was corrupted and could repair it since Sunday. I was able to get in through a backdoor to back up my recipes…but sadly now beans on Sunday after 6 hours of screwing around. 3 hours yesterday. No luck. System restore repair and all options where failing along with a bunch of other shit.

Today I completely broken the user profiles and after that…finally. Windows let we reinstall!!! And keep my files. The only thing lost was the custom setup of ejuicmenup for weights of vg nic and pg…and all of the web passwords. (Well and other programs saved but can be reinstalled.)

Correction…just found a photo of my weight sets for vg/pg/nic from 2015 on my cell phone.


I’m not sure about any of that but I remember hearing that this is the last year it will be legal for elephants to be used in the circus. I could be wrong though.

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Thx, I might look into that. There’s a well known elephant sanctuary in Tennessee where many incredible stories have been told of elephants being separated for 20 years then being reunited at the sanctuary and going “bananas” when they saw their old friend. I guess that old saying is true, “An elephant never forgets.”


Finally taking lessons.:smile: :smile: :smile: Bucket list # 4 checked off. I really really want a Taylor 360e 12-String Dreadnought. But i guess i need to learn how to play first.