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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


been playing today :laughing:

Also I am leaving work three hours early today !!! woop woop



Well, I got an A on my first Calc C test. I actually found out last night, but I’m still smiling today! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and tomorrow is Labor Day! No class! :smiley:


Another successful pwm mod build! Especially since my last one was a failure…something went wrong with one of the buttons and I haven’t gone back to fix it yet. Just building a new one is usually easier than trying fix a broken one. I like feelings of accomplishment…much more than failures! But, then, doesn’t everyone?


A Fasttech order that was placed on 7/24, has been plagued with restocking delays, exchange, shipping delays, has finally arrived in Detroit! Now, if it can make it on the right truck at the sorting facility, and make it the last 15 miles by Tuesday :+1:


The fact that this is soon to hit the market. :grinning:


seeing my new engraving on the side of the pwm mod @Whiterose0818 is building for me definitely made me smile today :grin:
sorting out my man cave and Decorating my bargain of a fridge with stickers sent to me from people off this forum also made me feel quite amazing :clap::+1::grin:


sorry @Kinnikinnick that wasn’t meant to be a reply to you haha.:rolling_eyes:…(don’t know how to remove that)


:wink: sokay…you can’t undo that, but I’m glad you did so I could check out the pics of your man cave lab. :grinning: Nice!


thanks dude :wink: yeah I kinda like it, pretty much been in there all day lol…


Looking good! Nice set up!


thanks man :+1:


What has made me smile today? That my power has been restored following Hurricane Hermine.


That will do it ! I hope you and yours is good! I had to live without power for 12 days due to an ice storm a few years ago. I kinda enjoyed it , but…I bought a generator first chance I got !:grinning:


Yeah, all good here. No property damage here, only small branches and leaves and stuff. I was unable to start my generator though, so a whole home genset system is the next big thing for the house.


my family all day now they are gonna make me sleep lol


Came to work to find all my furniture cleared out of my office and the PAINTERS HERE
(for 6 months they have been renovating this £5m building with £4m worth of renovations
the whole building looks spectacular, including pristine beautiful store rooms and a beautifully
painted boiler room and boiler room floor, but my office has until today been utterly neglected
with a shabby dirty carpet, holes in the walls, and everyone else’s crap lying around out of sight
out of mind!)

and an additional bonus, one of the painters has just bought 160ml of juice from me - one of which
is a brand spanking new recipe I came up with and haven’t even tested yet, but he loved the smell.
it may be the second one I make public !


sweet!, I sold an at the time untested 30ml of my ‘freshly squeezed orangeade’ 2 weeks ago, she came back today and bought another 100ml, loves the stuff (although she takes 16mg which kinda pisses me off a little bit haha)


When the waitress brought out our meal.

Dinner with my girl… A great big Kool-Aid smile!


I have a cafe racer clone for one of they’re tobacco vapes. I forget the name of it without looking. My buddy asked me to clone it and I did a pretty good job at it…at least both of us think so. I’m not much on tobaccos but I can vape a tank of this every once in a while.