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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Lol Lol . They are supposed to look like beads.lol


Belgium VS Tunesia : 5 - 2 !! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :belgium:

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that berry ale, where can you get that from?

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Labeled as “Beer Gut Ballerina”

after at 10 seconds, I was like…dang, this dude got dem skillz


Now I’m smiling, thanks.

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My homemade Apple Granny Pie, made with Love !!! Yes I do all the cooking and love it !!!


Guess it could go in the what makes you sad too, But I had to say goodbye to my beloved cat, I have been with him for 27 years, early this morning he passed away in my arms, I had been holding him for the duration, He was my first pet on my own, and had a very good home, in the last week, I knew it was almost time and was lucky enough to spend most of my time with him. I am so very heartbroken but I think that is selfish of me to expect any more from my loyal pet. somewhere inside I need to find the smile because he is finally at peace, So now I am trying very hard to smile, but thinking he is out of pain and at peace now is helping. And also must almost be a record for the lifespan of a cat.


@nicomanteno It’s O.K. to be selfish in this regard, almost unavoidable if you ask me. If you gave him a great life, and you can smile about it, that’s a win.


Sorry for your loss. I wish you and your friend peace.


You have my deepest sympathies, and my condolences.

27 years is amazing though, and I’m certain that you’ve got a lot of great memories to defer to. Continue to try and draw strength from them during this time, as while they’re currently bittersweet, they can hopefully help lessen the grief (overall).

I’ve been through the emotional wringer multiple times in the past three years with Snickers due to recurring UTI issues where it seemed like I was going to lose him. So I can relate.

I’ve (we’ve) been blessed with more time, because when it was finally down to the wire, and after three different vets, multiple drugs, and even a “prescription diet” (none of which was a cure that lasted more than 6 months) … I got word from a family friend who once had an orange tabby with the same UTI problem, who said “stop feeding him dry food, put him on an all wet food diet.” (Mine is also a male, orange tabby)

he made it past the first 6 month point (which had been a UTI like clockwork, every 5-6 months) and is quickly approaching the 1 year mark without issue. Thank God!

Anyways, there’s nothing any of us can do to combat (or prevent) natural causes by aging. But take heart in knowing he had a wonderfully long life. And you got to enjoy getting to know each other, and the times shared! It’s “the little things” that are precious!

God’s speed Nico, and rest in peace to the departed.

All the best man,


It’s brewed by the boulevard brewing company in KCMO but I’m pretty sure they market nationwide, if your local liquor store doesn’t carry it I bet they could order it. It’s a decent brew, kinda tart but still tastes like beer. Worth trying once .

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Boulevard used to make one I really liked called Lunar Ale. Wish they still did. Their Bully porter is good and the Wheat is pretty good too.


Belgium VS Japan : 3 - 2 :grin::grin::smiley::smile::laughing::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::smiling_imp::star_struck::belgium::belgium:


A close one that game was. Congratulations.



This dude got movezz !


Very true and very close, Japan played very strong.


:brazil: 1 VS 2 :belgium: :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::metal::metal::star_struck::grin::happycry::happycry::trophy::tada::tada:

And now i am gonna get myself drunk !


The discovery of black jelly beans and candy corn.

I knoooow you all think wait what why whew, right?

I moved to the states 11 years ago, I’m not a candy person but I like to experience. I saw them in the store but never picked up any of them.

A friend asked me to make a jelly candy vape, I’m not one of the people that looks at a picture and assumes to know the taste of such things.

No everytime someone asks me, I go out buy the product before attempting a flavor profile, no matter what it is.

So anyways due to my husband’s recommendations i picked up every color except the black ones. Still hearing him say they are literally poison because nobody likes em.

I didn’t like any of the Jelly beans, I was actually asking myself why I put such crap in my mouth lol.

Then I decided despite the bad word on the streets about black jelly beans and candy corn to pick some up, and try it for myself. At the end it couldn’t get worse right?

Omg I’m in love, now I’m asking myself what else my husband tries to hide from me. I might be missing out on delicious candy or food, that he keeps telling me I won’t like because nobody does :rofl:

Guess I need to visit the candy aisle more often, on that note, my friend doesn’t want me to do a black jelly bean, go figure!

It was definitely a funny experience I needed to share and these things remind me of something I used to eat as I grew up. Can’t put my finger on it though.


Two of my favorite treats. I left off black because I love all jelly beans, except the spice ones. Whoever invented those needs to be barbecued.