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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


5 furry editions to the family.


Sometimes you gotta step away from the mixing lab, and blow off some steam. The big dots eat the little dots …



Holy crap! I thought you catnapped Cinder and Snickers! :laughing:


Don’t cat nap themselves ?


Catnap…? Someone say ‘catnap’ ….? Meowza .


I see that two of the furry devils are at full charge-When the rest of the brood reach same, watch your ankles!



That’s a massive hotspot. Need to pinch then strum lol




I got bit by one in my backyard 2 years ago! No fun at all.




Lol #catsrule


What has made me smile is this awesome vape community all digging in for a fellow member @paingawd. Regardless if people know him personally or not. Terrible tragedy in his home town and people have helped where they can. I donated at the gofundme page and also sent couple gift cards to him via PM for use at @Nicotine_River , i wish i could have helped more.
I belong to various forums for one hobby or another but this place is by far the best and i wouldnt have been off the stinkies for as long as i have if it wasnt for the great folk here. I have learnt alot here, i dont jump in and offer advice for peoples posts as i feel im not qualified enough to do so yet. Iam priviliaged to be a part of this great community.
I thank each and every person who has contributed towards @paingawd wether it be by donation of any description or sending well wishes to him and family.
This is what has made me smile. :grin: :+1:

ELR Please Help one of our own

Everyone loves a little pussy… Cat!


One of our two cats. Jessie. He wanted my attention so jumped up on the table and sat on my paperwork.


He’s a qt, he reminds me of a cat we used to have named Baxter.


He’s a right drama queen but dead cute. Has to put up with my mixing carry on.


I don’t have any pics with me, but I’ve got an orange on that rides around on my shoulders an a main coon that loves to hide in the windows.