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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Only time I drank pickle juice was to pass a test.:wink:


I love me some pickled bologna lol


That’s an ancient Serbian hangover remedy


works for the philly eagles…


Look at that smile!!! That’s a “Hi, human! PET ME!” if I’ve ever seen one!


Don’t fear the pickle. Baby take my hand…

Blue Oyster Pickle, everybody!


That’s known as a “blep”, in case you were curious. Random fact of the day-I’m full of them!


Yes. Yes they do!
Here’s a couple of ours

Everyone, meet Seely(The tortie calico) and Schrodinger, AKA Wubby, The Wubinator, Wubs to the Nubs and also Da Wubbers. They were like oil and vinegar before the fire hit, but calamity makes for strange bedfellows I guess.

This is my bestest buddy, Dinsdale(Any Python fans out there?) This was taken last year in our backyard by my wife. She’s got a knack for capturing our cat’s essences in photo form.

Finally, meet Toby our “special needs” cat. He’s about as crosseyed as they come and goes full tilt boogie at the drop of a hat. He’s the biggest love of them all, our Ginger Cannonball.


Seasonal Pickle :grinning:


The Government needs to step in and regulate that, because he clearly fell for Big Pickle and their marketing lies.

When I was in El Paso there was this place, maybe sorta like a bar. They had ‘Hub Caps’; pickle chips and Jalapeno chips fried together. Talk about good!


For all that is good and holy, we MUST do something about big pickle!!! :laughing:


DRAIN THE BRINE!!! :crazy_face:


SteamCraves are still here …


Easiest wicking on an RTA EVAR!!! LOVE the V2-It’s a bit of awesome. If memory serves, it was YOU that started me down the road towards a love affair with the A.S.

:fist_right: :fist_left:?


It rained today!

Gone is the smoke that tainted everything. A foul smug has been washed away from the air. I just went out to have a quick vape, and saw the first truly blue sky I’ve seen since the day the fire started. The world is a beautiful place, my brothers and sisters. With all of the hustle and bustle of the impending holiday, give yourself a gift. Just go outside(or stay indoors if you’ve got too much snow on the ground) take a quiet moment and just breathe…

Much love, fam!


I know sessionDrummer got me hooked on steam crave! They truly are my favorite.


I love Big Steam Craves, and I cannot lie …


And that is why I love you.



THAT, made me smile. Happy Thanksgiving brother.