What is 2% 15 % and so and so

hello guys i am new here as of today is my very first post i had read some great info here i would like to ask you when they said to mix 2% or 5% or any number like that i am very confuse because i am looking for either drops or ml measurement can someone please tell me what is exactly that when some said you need to add 30% vg and 20% pg how do i get my numbers by ounces or ml or drops so here is the question how do i know how many drops is in a 2% juice?
here is a good sample
Strength: 1.8 mg

PG/VG-ratio: 25/75

Flavor total: 1.2 ml (10%)

Drops per ml: 35
also thanks to mr Vipe Crisis from youtube i got here

Someone else could probably and will explain it better than i am able too. Since I my self am new to the diy process of mixing my liquid. The calculator on this site helps a lot. But i use ml in my calculations have heard its not as accurate with drips. The percent is lets say you are making a 10ml bottle and wanted 10% flavor. So by that you would add 1.0 ml of flavoring. Thats 10% of 10ml. The measurements for pg/vg just depends on mainly your nic base cause most flavors are pg based. But you can choose pg or vg base for your nic. So in the pg/vg ratio you said 25% of your 10ml will be pg and the other 75% is vg. I dont know if i helped or even made sense to you. But play with the calculator a little bit to better understand. And after a while it will make better sense.

I would suggest using an E-Liquid calculator like E-juice lab. It will convert measurements from % to ml and drops.

We use percentages because it makes it easier to share and it’s more precise. What I mean by that is that if I make a 30ml bottle with 8% of Strawberry and 8% of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and then share that recipe, the next person might want to test it and only make a 3ml batch. The ELR site converts the percentages into drops, milliliters, or grams. Click on the link below and notice that it list the percentage, Drops, and Milliliters by default. In your settings, you can change the ‘Drops’ into ‘grams’ if you like.

Drops depend on the size of hole in the bottle, most people that use this method normally calculate 1ml as 20-25 drops. While a difference of 5 drops doesn’t sound like much, it can make a big jump in taste when making larger batches. Esp if it is a super concentrated flavor like menthol/cinnamon and others

It depends on how many ml you are making… If you are making 100ml of juice, 2% of it would be flavoring (which you are calculating 35 drops equals 1ml) so 70 drops for a 100ml. Which can easily be converted to 7 drops per 10ml…

Probably the easiest way to understand percentages at work in a recipe is to set the quantity to make at 100ml. When set at 100ml 1%, 15%, 3%, etc become quite easy in ml conversion. In ml it would be 1ml, 15ml, 3ml, etc. More than likely you won’t want to blend 100ml batches. This is just a easy way to grasp the concept…

First of all 2% could be a million drops. It is percentage based on the volume you want to create.

I have tried all the calculator apps out there and most are pretty lame in comparison to this site.

The basic set up to get you started

I apologies if this seems patronising, but I remember it can be confusing when you start so I will try and break it down.

Go to http://e-liquid-recipes.com/create to create a new recipe.

  1. Amount to make - how much juice do you want? if you have a 10ml
    bottle then input 10.

  2. Desired strength - how much Nicotine do you want in your juice? Never use
    more than 24mg.

  3. Water/Vodka/PGA - just ignore this for the time being until your a little more advanced.

  4. Desired PG & Desired VG - what percentage do you like your juice to be at, if unknown leave it alone… 50/50 is fine.

  5. Nicotine strength - when you buy Nicotine you can buy it at different ratios check your bottle and input the number i.e 100mg, 72mg, 60mg etc… be careful with this make sure it is correct.

  6. PG or VG content of nicotine - Again when you buy Nicotine, you are normally offered a few variations. i.e a VG base or a PG base or a mix of both. check your bottle of Nicotine and input the numbers.

You should end up with something like this.

Now it is time to add some flavour…
You’ve just found a recipe you think would be great, and it looks like this.

11% Strawberry & Cream (BRAND NAME)
5% Pina Colada (BRAND NAME)
2% Vanilla (BRAND NAME)

Click the ‘Add flavour’ button 3 times, a new input box will appear each time you click it.

In the first flavour input box, Type Strawberry & Cream and a selection of flavours will appear, select which Brand you want to use. Next to that add in 11.

Now repeat that process in the other input boxes for the other flavours. so it looks like this…

Now click the ‘Save’ button

Your recipe has been saved and will display like this.

There are two columns you need to pay attention to at this point and that is either ml or drops. Pick one. ml would be more accurate, but at this stage its not important which one you use.

Now you can mix your juice.

The example above can be found at http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/103288/Vape+Yolo+Guide+Recipe


Very nice explanation @sublime! Thank you!

Thank you so much for the help guys this is super

i got me some nicotine at 6mg so this 6mg is like the percentage of nicotine in the mix or i am wrong? thank you for the help

6 mg just means that it contains 6 mg nicotine per ml - converted to percentage there is 0.6% nicotine in your liquid - but ignore the percentage completely and just look at the mg/ml which is 6! :smile:

May I ask, are you saying you got some nicotine/vg base at 6mg strength? If this is the case hopefully you do not need 6mg nicotine strength in your blend. You will be able to blend a 6mg nicotine blend only if you pour 100% 6mg nicotine base in your bottle and nothing else. You could blend 5.2mg nicotine strength at a 86.67vg/13.33pg blend. In other words 86.67% of your blend would be 6mg nicotine base with no added VG diluting and 13.33% flavoring which is usually pg based, with no added pg diluting. When purchasing a nicotine base for your blends you must always buy nicotine base stronger than your desired nicotine value. Keep in mind when adding flavor or any other kind of dilutant you are diluting the nicotine strength of your base. I hope I am misinterpreting what you’re saying and you got this covered. If not you have learned a valuable lesson today. Good luck…

It does read like you need to do more research before you start making your own juice.

You need to know the basics… Watch and read as much as you can on the subject.


here is what i got omg i am so new at this
this is exactly the info on the nicotine i pick
Nicotine Solution - 6mg Liter
Base Liquid100% Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher

Are you sure it’s not 60mg… I’m not even sure where you could buy 6mg VG base liquid…

How much of it do you have?
Maybe upload a picture of your bottle.

If it IS 6 mg then that’s fine - If you vape 6 mg juice, you’ll be able to just measure off flavoring into a bottle, then top off with your base liquid :smile: If you use a tank, you might want to buy some distilled water, and add ~10% before topping off with your base. Bear in mind that if you make a mix with 20% flavoring you will vape ~4.8 mg, and with distilled water on top you’ll vape ~4.2 mg…

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