What is everybody using for the specific weight of flavoring?

I use the e juice me up calculator and mix by weight, for my g weight for my flavoring I have been using “1” for the default weight for flavoring , I understand that each flavor has it’s own spec weight but it’s a nightmare to look up the weights for 114 flavors is 1 too low? What is every one else using?

1 is the same as water generally sg isn’t much higher or lower unless it is vg based.

He is using e juice me up calculator not the elr one

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The universal acceptance is 1gram/1ml.

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Thanks Chris (and everybody) that’s what I was basing it on so I’m good with 1
appreciate it everybody! thankyou

See here for exact weight calculations of VG, PG, and Nic:

Hey Benjy
Thanks for the info I think what I might dew is average out the weights for the flavors when I mix

I wouldn’t say everyone. The mass majority. There are some purists. Generally when you find a random recpie on vaping underground or the French clone site or other they are listed at the 1 gram/1ml ratio.

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I’ve used both 1 to 1 and the weight of the weight of the emulsifier i.e. vg or pg and not noticed any significant difference in the taste of my brews.